Signed Copies

Open for Pre-Orders. Tamiko and the Two Janitors will release later this month. As promised, I’m now accepting pre-orders from those wanting an author-signed copy. Order details are under the SIGNED BOOKS tab, or simply click here >>

This book is longer (yay!) which means print and shipping costs are higher (yipe!), so I need to nudge up your cost for Bk3 to $25 USD. You can still request copies of Tsumiko or Kimiko for $20 USD. Bookplates will also be available for those who purchase their print book locally (or just happen to want ALL the things).

Amaranthine Saga 03, Tamiko and the Two Janitors by FORTHRIGHT

I’ll keep track of orders, but I may not respond to your email immediately. Patience, please! I’m up to my twinkles getting every little thing ready for release day. Fwee! This is so exciting!

3 thoughts on “Signed Copies

  1. Hello! I am requesting a signed copy of Tamiko, and will send a Paypal shortly

    **Details hidden to preserve your privacy**


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