I’ve been scarce, and you can blame the janitors. Culminating plots have a way of banishing all else from my mind. Apologies to those who’re waiting on this or that. As always, I’m grateful for your patience. And while I have you here, a couple of questions keep cropping up in my inbox:

When will Tamiko and the Two Janitors print editions be available for pre-order?
For the general marketplace (online orders from online bookstores), I don’t have an exact date. Too many variables that are out of my control. However, if you’re holding out for a signed copy, I will begin accepting orders on July 1, 2019.

When will Tamiko and the Two Janitors ebooks be available from anywhere besides Amazon?
Again, I don’t have an exact date. All versions in all venues will probably begin showing up in late June. I will keep you posted. (Note: Following an author on Amazon or on Goodreads will often result in email notifications about upcoming or newly releasing titles. Nice, huh?)

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5 thoughts on “Lulling

  1. Will “The Janitors” be coming to Audible? I have re-read (and re-listened) to books 1 and 2 multiple times…more than I want to mention. 😽
    I have so many questions that I know will be answered eventually. Will each of the five have their own story? Lapis et al?

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    • Yes, Tamiko and the Two Janitors is contracted for an audio edition, so Travis Baldree will be back to narrate Bk3 for us. However, I don’t know when Tantor has scheduled the release. I’ll relay news about the release date when I have it! ::twinkle::

      Ah, questions. I rarely raise them without reason. As to the various fates of the Five, I am fond of answering thusly: “Time will tell, for I shall not.”


      • Since I have been following your writing for many years, I am not surprised, only eagerly anticipating 🙂


  2. So. Dang. Excited. Unexpected had always been one of my favorites and I’ve reread it multiple times, always wanting more. Can’t wait to see how you breathe new life into this story. Cheering you on forthy!


  3. I can’t wait for this to come outttttt!! Praise be that once [Tamiko] is out, it’s only a week or so before my semester is over because I would be 100% likely to abandon schoolwork just to read this. TTvTT

    Are you going to complete [Unexpected] even after publishing [Tamiko]?


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