FanArt: Unspoiled

Let’s have something fandom-y today, shall we? I’ve always loved lila-me’s illustrations for Unspoiled. She illustrated every chapter (sometimes every scene within a chapter) and created several whimsical asides.

49 my_fair_lady_by_lila_me-d32qwrh

My Fair Lady by lila-me

• • •

When Sesshoumaru came to collect her at the appointed hour, wide, golden eyes took in every detail of her appearance before the young lord announced, “You smell nice.”

Hisoka looked askance at Higurashi and wondered if the young woman realized just how high a compliment she’d been paid. When she blinked and blushed, he thought perhaps she did.

Unspoiled, Chapter 49: “My Fair Lady”

• • •

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Forthright Fanart

Lots of YAYZ! I’m already seeing the beginnings of a trickle of fanart for Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox, which I most definitely WILL want to share here … but not until more of you have received your copies of the book. (Keeping this blog as spoiler-free as possible.) In the meantime, I just received this from Fox, the artist responsible for my profile picture.

PUBLISHD by FoxOfTwilight_

PUBLISHD by FoxOfTwilight

FanArt: Hisoka

I’m regularly reminded by readers that Hisoka-sensei may not be IY canon… but he should be.  I have a small pile of fanart for the longsuffering, diplomatic neko-youkai. Here’s one of them!


Disdain by lila-me

There’s been a quiet clamor for fics from those who ship Hisoka with Kagome. I’ve given permission for a few other fandom writers to add him to their stories. And as I’ve mentioned before, Hisoka-sensei has a place in my upcoming original story. Which has seen its share of delays but is most definitely COMING SOON!

Do you remember/like the good sensei?

FanArt: Tolerable

Late last week, a fandom follower graciously messaged me, bringing new fanart to my attention. Sketches by siriusdraws over on tumblr set off a sudden flurry of interest in Tolerable, a story/collection that tracks the strange progression of something like friendship between Sesshoumaru and Miroku.



I have the artist’s permission to repost those sketches for your enjoyment. Follow the links and be generous with hearts, notes, and reblogs over on tumblr. Oh, and there’s more… Continue reading