FanArt: Tolerable

Late last week, a fandom follower graciously messaged me, bringing new fanart to my attention. Sketches by siriusdraws over on tumblr set off a sudden flurry of interest in Tolerable, a story/collection that tracks the strange progression of something like friendship between Sesshoumaru and Miroku.



I have the artist’s permission to repost those sketches for your enjoyment. Follow the links and be generous with hearts, notes, and reblogs over on tumblr. Oh, and there’s more…




To quote the end note I added to the first chapter of Tolerable, “If you stumbled across this fic in hopes of a little yaoi action, you’ll probably be disappointed as I rarely do more than tease. I might flirt around the edges a bit, but that’s all.”


Miroku’s such a “flirt around the edges” kind of guy! ::twinkle::

Thank you, siriusdraws!

2 thoughts on “FanArt: Tolerable

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  2. This art is exquisite! Just finding these wonderful drawings. I need to delve more often. But I also need to go read this fic.


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