FanArt Links (IY)

I receive regular emails from readers letting me know that the art links on my profile are broken. Frustrating, I know. Way back when I created that compilation, the site allowed exterior linking. Now, they do not. So I’m moving the list here.

Two things: 1) Several of these pieces may now be in storage or removed from dA. If you really want to see a missing piece, let me know in comments, and I’ll see if the art’s lurking on my hard drive. I plan to do the odd art!post anyhow. 2) This list is no longer complete. (Not by any stretch of the imagination, since it was last updated in 2011.) I do try to favorite fanart for my stories on dA, and there are two fan clubs for my stories on dA. Links below.

forthrightly on dA – If you want to see the very newest story illustrations that have come to my attention, I invite you to look at my Favorites Page over on deviantArt.

Unspoiled-FanClub! If you’re a member of deviantART, you’re invited to check out the brand new community established by Sugar0o for my story: Unspoiled-FanClub.

Forthright-FanClub! Also for members of deviantART, there’s now a community for art from all of my stories! Watch, join, and add to Forthright-FanClub.

And while I have you here, a message to everyone who has ever given me gasps, giggles, and giddy moments by turning my words into pictures. I’m honored, flattered, and most pleased. You put a twinkle in my eye. Thank you!

Copy/Paste from my Profile Page:


FanArt! Some of these pieces were gifts from friends and readers; others were commissioned by yours truly. All of them are appreciated greatly, and I thought it would be fun to share them with you!

Reversal by KrisCynical. A gift from Fenikkusuken, illustrating the Tolerable chapter by the same name.
Miroku by PurpleRebecca. A gorgeous piece Inspired my the oneshot The Monk in the Cherry Tree.
Tanabata by Purple Rebecca. A vibrant scene from the I/K oneshot Something’s Fishy, where mischief abounds.
Shippo by Purple Rebecca. Shippo in ‘all his kitsune glory’. SPOILER.
Kitsune-bi by Purple Rebecca. This is a portrait of Adult!Shippo from the closing scene of Reckless.
Janitor by Purple Rebecca. One grumpy, dark-haired janitor perched on a ladder, a la ‘Every Year’ from Unexpected.
Unexpected by Quirkyslayer. A delightful illustration of our two janitors from Unexpected.
Plan B and Plan B II: Poor Naraku by Hikari-Hime73. Whimsical illustrations for the bit of mischief called Driven to Distraction.
Unsought, Chapter 1 by MysticInca. An illustration of the closing scene from Chapter One: Protecting the Village. SPOILER.
Unsought, Chapter 4 by MysticInca. An illustration of one of the more memorable moments from Chapter Four: Keeping a Promise.
Fleeced by cobaltheart. A comic based on the drabble by the same name in Imperceptible.
Fox Fire by Mistress Storm Crow, a.k.a. kaj7909. A scene from the chapter ‘Sugar and Spice’ in Unexpected.
Bonsai by Silverwing1310. A bit of artistry based on Chapter 17 of Impeccable.
Accepting the Unacceptable by EasyLikeSunday, a.k.a. Lumberlady. An adorable chibi illustration of butler!Sesshoumaru and his mistress from Impeccable, Chapter 35. (The illustration is the third one down.)
Open to Interpretation by Kanela. A depiction of the library scene from Chapter 43 of Impeccable.
Cover by EasyLikeSunday, a.k.a. Lumberlady. An absolutely amazing illustration of Chapter 80 from Imperceptible. (It’s the last image in this artist’s image dump.)
At Your Service by lunajen1980. A portrait of butler!Sesshoumaru from Impeccable.
An Imperceptible Movie Trailer put together by foreshadowing, a.k.a. miroku0kagome.
Elegant, Even Now by Miss Elinor. An illustration for Chapter 90 of Impeccable.
Pale Shadows by Eien-no-Melody. A commission for my S/K oneshot by the same title. Click for full version.
First Meeting by Rennie. A sketch of the moment when Kagome meets young Sesshoumaru in Unspoiled.
The Egg by Rikayu-chan. A commission for my oneshot The Bargain, which is a prequel to Unspoiled.
Unspoiled by Eien-no-Melody. A commission that answers the question, “How big is Sesshoumaru-sama?” in Unspoiled. (Answer: He comes up to Kagome’s waist.)
New Favorite by Saide. A delightful sketch of Sesshoumaru from Imperceptible, Chapter 33… Effigy.
Mir/Kag Doodles by Rikayu-chan. Sweet Rika posted these for me… and the one with the scarf was partially inspired by The Monk in the Snowbank, but they’re all sweet.
Unspoiled: Be Nimble by Janey-jane. An utterly gorgeous depiction of the three main characters in Unspoiled.
Troved by sugar0o. An adorable drawing of Troved‘s little show-stealer.
Dominent Enough by JeniNeji. An illustration for Chapter 31 of Unspoiled.
Tug of War by Saholia. A quiet moment in the pavilion from Chapter 29 of Unspoiled.
Impeccable, Chapter 72 by Jupe. This is the full-size version of her doodle for Chapter 72: Midnight Snack.
Showery, Flowery, Bowery by Mako, a.k.a. SpookyKabuki. A manga panel for Unspoiled, Chapter 24.
C01 and C23 by wintersalad. Two manips, the first of a young Sesshoumaru, the second of a young Ah-Un.
Younger Sesshoumaru by araumi. His little lordship. Thank you for the honor of your first arting, m’dear!
All or Nothing: Sesshoumaru by sugar0o. Yes, she put Himself in spandex for us. Thanks, sweetie!
Mir/San: The Kissing Bandit by Rikayu-chan. A commission to celebrate The Kissing Bandit, my first completed multi-chaptered story.
Someone should check behind his ears by sugar0o. An illustration for Unspoiled, Chapter 34… because r0o is tickled by his little lordship’s obsession. :chuckle:
Inuyasha: Unspoiled FanArt by MelyCat. A stunningly realistic depiction of Kagome and Sesshoumaru from Unspoiled. I’m in awe! Thank you!
Sh’omamoo! Higurashi! by Fox. A crossover comic that celebrates two fics featuring pint-sized main characters! :twinkle:
Hark! Hark! The Dogs Do Bark! by lila-me. A sketch of Hisoka and Kagome from the Unspoiled chapter of the same name.
Rose Red by lila-me. A scene from the chapter of the same name in Unspoiled. I loved discovering these sketches by accident! :twinkle:
Unspoiled: Follow the Leader by EasyLikeSunday. Illustrating a very early moment in Unspoiled. Thank you so much!
Forming a Connection by Jupe. A commission for my completed Mir/Kag story Unsought, illustrating a scene from Chapter 4. Beautifully rendered, m’dear!
Forsythia by Rikayu-chan. Companion sketches to celebrate the secondary pairing in my completed tale The Kissing Bandit. Thank you for playing with ikebana and artists, sweetie!
Swish from Unsought by jgem. Illustrating one of my favorite moments from Unsought. Thank you for the delightful surprise!
Froth by Janey-jane. This is the best kind of bribery! :twinkle: Miroku and Sango at Founder’s Coffee Shop.
Swimming Lessons by Janey-jane. She illustrated a scene from a chapter that I hadn’t written yet! :delighted chuckle:
Lordship Snuggles by kestrelabforth. Illustrating the final moment in Chapter 52 of Unspoiled. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you!
Counting… by kestrelabforth. Illustrating a sweet moment from Unspoiled, Chapter 58: Hoppy, Croppy, Poppy. Beautifully done, m’dear!
Unspoiled Sketch Dump by Rikayu-chan. Capturing several moments from the story. Thank you so much!
Once Upon a Puddle by Fox. An illustration for the opening scene in Unspoiled, Chapter 56: Hide the Button. You’re so sweet to share!
Inuyasha: Unspoiled FanArt 2 by MelyCat. A gorgeous companion piece to her earlier work. This Unspoiled-inspired piece features Kagome with an adult Sesshoumaru. Here’s to everyone who’s holding out hope that the scenic route will bring this scene to pass! :twinkle:
Kagome – will find a way by dearie. A sketch of Kagome inspired by Unspoiled, Chapter 17: I Spy. Thank you so much!
The Daiyoukai Butler by cheerioshake. Sesshoumaru dressed in the western style, a la Impeccable. Thank you, m’dear!
For the Lovely Forthright by DNluver111. A pleasant surprise celebrating Unspoiled!
InuPapa and Pup by Janey-jane. Oh my. This is an utterly gorgeous portrait of a father and son. I love his little lordship’s obvious admiration for his sire. :ovation:
Lost a Shoe, Kohaku Thinks, and Consequences by idlemusings. A set of sketches illustrating moments from the first chapter of Faint Heart. Delightful, m’dear!
The Problem with Communication by idlemusings. A sketch that follows the events in my Incorrigible drabble, Bait. Very cute! :giggle:
Froth: Miroku Sango by Janey-jane. A stunning illustration for my fun little coffee shop AU. Your bribery is delicious, m’dear! There will be more Froth soon(ish).
Clutter Sketch Dump by Rikayu-chan. A collection of moments from early in this AU tale. Thank you, sweetie!
Without Hope by jgem. A wistful scene that’s yet to come (but hinted at) in Unspoiled.
Magic Marbles and Green by idlemusings. Illustrations for chapters 3 and 4 of Faint Heart. I absolutely adore the watercolor in that first piece!
Froth: Sniff and Froth: Checklist by SadieB798. Two sketches from chapters by the same name in my Mir/San AU. Thanks, m’dear!
Unspoiled Chapter 52 for Forthright by Synyster Star. A sketch of that serene moment when Kagome agrees to ‘just this once’. Thank you, sweetie!
Victory Hug by idlemusings. From Chapter 57: Nothing Fancy of Unexpected, in which Inuyasha claims his penalty. This makes me so happy!
Latest Obstacle by idlemusings. From Chapter 60: Foufy of Unexpected. This illustration made me laugh! I love to laugh! :twinkle:
Unspoiled: Hisoka-sensei by Fox. A fetching portait of Sesshoumaru’s neko-youkai tutor. Thank you so much, m’dear!
The Lordling by Naiadine. A sketch of Sesshoumaru as a young boy. Thanks, hon!
Kohaku Thinks, version 2, Juggling, and Stuck in a Tree by idlemusings. A set of fun sketches with scenes from Faint Heart. Thank you, m’dear!
Comfort by idlemusings. This watercolor captures a tender moment from Faint Heart, Chapter 5: Crybaby.
Kagome, Kagome by idlemusings. This trio of character portraits includes Kagome from Unexpected, Kagome from Clutter… and me! Very fun! :twinkle:
I Just Borrowed Him (October Sketch Dump) by kestrelabforth (a.k.a. Terri Delgado). Terri’s collection includes a sketch of Hisoka-sensei and Kagome from Unspoiled, Chapter 71: Cat and Mouse and one of Sesshoumaru and Shippo from Clutter. Delighted!
Cosplay Comic SesshKagg by RF-redfox. This is a first! Unspoiled has now been cosplayed! I’m properly flattered and flummoxed!
Hisoka is a Snarky Chibi by kestrelabforth (a.k.a. Terri Delgado). The good sensei speaks up in his own defense. Sometimes a simile is just a simile! :chuckle:
Unspoiled Sketches by xBloodyKiss06x. Some scenes inspired Chapter 77: Pat It and Prick It and Mark It. Thank you, m’dear!
Tell Me the Story Again by Kikiome. A sketch that goes along with Unspoiled, Chapter 23: Tug of War. Thanks so much! :twinkle:
“You Can Show Me Instead” by FascinatrixFemina. A very sweet illustration for the finale of Pale Shadows, a Sess/Kag Halloween oneshot.
Halloween Sketches by idlemusings. A delightful set of sketches celebrating the Halloween chapters in Unexpected! Thank you, m’dear!
Meeting New People, A Different Kind of Green, and Dinner Conversation by idlemusings. Another set of sketches that depict scenes from recent chapters of Faint Heart. These make my smile, sweetie! Thank you!
Finders Keepers by Synyster Star. A sketch of Unspoiled‘s opening chapter. I appreciate it, m’dear!
Unspoiled by Divine-Nataku. A charming sketch of Kagome and his little lordship from Unspoiled. Thanks, hon!
Unspoiled Fanart by castledewNaomi. Sesshoumaru, Kagome, and Hisoka-sensei all together. You’re sweet to share, m’dear!
Crossover Sketch by idlemusings. How many of my stories can you spot in this delightful picture? Several of my most recent tales are depicted!
Unexpected: Concerted Effort by Rikayu-chan. A commission! Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo on a snowy night after a concert… from Unexpected! Thank you for the beautiful work, Rika!
Kouga Peeps by kestrelabforth (a.k.a. Terri Delgado). Kouga from Froth! I love this so much! :twinkle:
Ginta and Hakkaku Baker Wolves by kestrelabforth (a.k.a. Terri Delgado). The boys from Froth! :swoon:
Echo of a Memory by Avadrea. A beautiful illustration from the opening scene in Pale Shadows. Thank you so much, m’dear!
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe by Xeraki. A sketch of Hisoka-sensei in contemplation of the Western Lord’s hanyou son. Delightful!
Like Rin…? by jgem. An amusing illustration from Vassal. Thank you so much!
Unexpected: Snapshot by Rikayu-chan. A commission of the snapshot taken of Inuyasha and Kagome during the Halloween arc in Unexpected. Wonderful!
Crossover – Watercolored by idlemusings. A crazily ambitious picture that includes characters and references from several of my stories. Can you catch them all?
Pink by idlemusings. A sweet picture of Kagome and Rin from Clutter. I adore this! Thank you!
Triangle by idlemusings. There’s a triangle in Faint Heart, and it’s not the usual sort. :twinkle:
Playing Games by Rikayu-chan. A commission for the story that’s become an annual tradition! A playful game of chase from Counting the Hours. Thanks so much, m’dear!
Fanart for Forthright by Deklayn. Celebrating the friendship between Inuyasha and Shippo in Unexpected. A delightful surprise!
Secret Santa Gifts, Part 1 by idlemusings. A fun little series of illustrations from the Christmas arc in Unexpected. You always make me smile, hon! :twinkle:
Barista and Sommelier by kestrelabforth (a.k.a. Terri Delgado). Another picture has been added to the set of cast snapshots for Froth! Ah, the delights of a coffee shop!
Dragon’s Gift by ohparapraxia. A stunningly vivid picture of a young Sesshoumaru, who is enamored of eggs. :tickled:
Growing Up, Part 1, Growing Up, Part 2, and Growing Up, Part 3 by lila-me. A set of sketches that give us a glimpse of Sesshoumaru during the years when he had to get along without Hisoka and Higurashi.
Jaken by FoxOfTwilight. If you’re wondering what Jaken-sama looks like in When You Wish Upon a Shard, this should give you some idea. :cheeky wink:
Worthy in Color by Mandachu. An illustration for the opening chapter of Imperceptible. Thank you so much!
My Rival, My Right by kestrelabforth (a.k.a. Terri Delgado). A sketch of Sango and Ayame from Froth! Gotta love those strong women!
French Fry Seduction by kestrelabforth (a.k.a. Terri Delgado). Two of the things that Fox loves best are Hisoka-sensei and french fries. This is what happens when you put them together…?
Unsought Fanart by devopassiflora. An illustration for my Miroku/Kagome story! A wonderful surprise! Thank you!
Untold by Kayka. A beautiful illustration from Chapter 84 of Unspoiled. Lovely, lovely!
Unspoiled: In for a Pound by easylikesunday. A striking illustration from the Unspoiled chapter by the same title. Thank you so much!
Pinkie Swear by Chuewii. An Unspoiled moment. Thank you, m’dear!
Hisoka-sensei and Metamorphosis by Sugar0o. Her version of our longsuffering sensei, including a transformation series. Wow!
Mine: Unspoiled Inspired and “Mine” from Unspoiled by cakeiton. Illustrating that pivotal moment in Chapter 77: Pat It, and Prick It, and Mark It.
Unspoiled: Finders Keepers by LazyJenny. Illustrating the first chapter of the story! Thank you, hon! :twinkle:
Higurashi, Hold Still by Divine-Nataku. A sketch for Chapter 77 of Unspoiled.
Rip ‘Em Up by lila-me. Hisoka-sensei has garnered his share of fangirls. Very amusing! :chuckle:
Younger Sessoumaru by Deranged Kitsune. An Unspoiled-inspired sketch. Thank you!
Tumbling After by Rin. An emotion-packed moment from Chapter 84 of Unspoiled.
Unspoiled: Here We Go Round by LazyJenny. A drawing of Kagome and Hisoka-sensei from the Unspoiled chapter by the same name. Very sweet!
Unspoiled: Ding Dong Dell by LazyJenny. A drawing of Kagome with the Inu-no-Taisho from the Unspoiled chapter by the same name. Thank you very much!
Pinky Promise by Divine-Nataku. A sweet sketch from Unspoiled, Chapter 85: Poor Dog Bright.
Pudding and Pie by Atsuyojuunfuyumi.
Fix Him by Jupe. A Jaken-eye view from When You Wish Upon a Shard. Poor imp. :twinkle:
Before and After by xbloodykiss06x. An amusing set of chibis from When You Wish Upon a Shard. Thank you!
And that one time… by FoxOfTwilight. I may have mentioned that Hisoka has fangirls? Yeah. Fox is the fanniest one. :twinkle:
Unspoiled Fanarts by Sakuramaru. A set of character sketches for Unspoiled. Thank you, hon!
Unspoiled: Leave Them Alone by LazyJenny. Hisoka and Inuyasha meet in the bottom of a well!
This Ain’t Right by J-LiAnne. An adorable depiction of Jaken from When You Wish Upon a Shard.
The Kissing Bandit: Toast by Mirrix. Some chibi art for the secondary pairing in my AU Mir/San romance… Sesshoumaru and Rin!
Unexpected Memento by Mirrix. That Halloween snapshot from Unexpected! Thank you, m’dear!
Kouga Savvy by Terri Delgado, a.k.a. kestrelabforth. Terri loves her some wolf, and it shows in every glistening sweatdrop of this piece. Be warned… there’s a whole lot of wolf on display here. :blush:
Unspoiled by Janey-jane. An absolutely gorgeous illustration for the story as a whole rather than for a single scene. Stunning in its elegance! :aflutter:
Kitty Tail Goes Poof, part of March 11 Mini Sketch Dump by Terri Delgado, a.k.a. kestrelabforth.
“Someday…” by J-LiAnne. A beautiful scene with fireflies and starshine and dreams of someday! Thank you, sweetie!
Dog Songs by Tsarashi. Young Sesshoumaru sings his promises to the moon! This is a delightful surprise, m’dear!
Hisoka Squiby by Terri Delgado, a.k.a. kestrelabforth. Hatch your own sensei! The more you click these eggs, the closer they come to hatching!
Jaken Squiby by Terri Delgado, a.k.a. kestrelabforth. Hatch your own imp taiyoukai! If you want a sneak peek of his evolutions, Terri has them posted here.
Unspoiled: One for Sorrow by LazyJenny. Scenes sketched for the Unspoiled chapter by the same name.
Second April Sketchdump by Terri Delgado includes Miroku and Sango from Faint Heart, Sesshoumaru and Kagome from Clutter, Hum-Ding from Clutter, and Sesshoumaru and his mother from Lord Charming.
Unspoiled: Field Trip by Mirrix. A scene from the Unexpected chapter by the same name. Thank you, m’dear!
Sleep Tight – Unspoiled by Youkai Yoko. Kagome holding a young Sesshoumaru close. How sweet!
Only for her… by Vatican-Angel. An Unspoiled-inspired sketch of Sesshoumaru and Kagome. Thank you!
Jun by ohparapraxia. A rendition of one of the many youngsters who make an appearance late in Unspoiled.
Pensive by ohparapraxia. The good sensei! Thank you for arting, Hisoka! :twinkle:
Contemplative youth by ohparapraxia. A melancholy scene of a growing Sesshoumaru. Unspoiled-inspired. Thanks!
Unspoiled: young Sesshy by spicyisaw. An early moment in Unspoiled, when a puzzled boy meets a human girl.
Froth – The Wolf Pack by BlackHeartSilverSoul. The staff of Peep’s bakery. Thank you so much!
Fort by ohparapraxia. A scenic piece showing before and after moments at the Western Fortress.
Youkai Shitsuji by J-LiAnne. Sesshoumaru and Kagome from Impeccable. A lovely piece! I’m thrilled!
IY: Faint Heart by quirkyslayer. Kagome and Kohaku from Faint Heart. Thank you so much for fulfilling my request, m’dear!
Pudding and Pie by ravijnem36. A pivotal moment in Unspoiled. Thank you!
Secret Santa Gifts, Part 2 and Secret Santa Gifts, Part 3 by idlemusings. Playful scenes from the Christmas arc in Unexpected. These make me smile! :twinkle:
Cluttered by idlemusings. A collection of sketches capturing fun moments in Clutter. Thank you, hon!
Pinkie Swear, MINE, and Godspeed, Sweet Dreams by sadieB798. A set of sketches capturing scenes from Unspoiled.
Lack of Pants and Anxious and Grumpy by idlemusings. Ah, Kouga! Art for Savvy, my new Kouga x Kagome tale!
Shouldn’t Matter by Terri Delgado, a.k.a. kestrelabforth. Something special for Lord Charming. Beautiful! 😉
CHARMING, you say? by Ejunkie. A sketch of the Western Lady, inspired by Lord Charming. Thank you!
Fly back home, Kagome by jenineji. An Unspoiled-inspired piece of Kagome with the young Western Lord. Many thanks!
a Janitor’s life by Ejunkie. Shipp from Unexpected! Thank you!
Savvy by tomuchtime. Kagome’s attire in Savvy, the Kouga x Kagome AU adventure. I’m tickled!

Illustrating Impeccable! Jupe, a.k.a. jupeboxgal, has done a quick sketch for every chapter of Impeccable! Follow the links: 01-05 06-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 46-50 51-55 56-60 61-65 66-70 71-75 76-80 81-85 86-90 91-95 96-100

Illustrating Unspoiled! lila-me is in the process of sketching illustrations for each chapter of Unspoiled! To keep this small mountain of artwork organized, I’ll be linking them here. So far, all the pieces are titled the same as their corresponding chapters. Follow the links: 01a, 01b, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11a, 11b, 12, 13, 14, 15a, 15b, 15c, 15d, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21a, 21b, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29a, 29b, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36a, 36b, 37a, 37b, 37c, 38, 39a, 39b, 39c, 39d, 39e, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51a, 51b, 51c, 51d, 52, 53a, 53b, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59a, 59b, 59c, 59d, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64a, 64b, 64c, 64d, 64e, 64f, 64g, 64h, 64i, 64j, 64k, 65, 66a, 66b, 66c, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73a, 73b, 73c, 73d, 73e, 74, 75, 76a, 76b, 77a, 77b, 77c, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84a, 84b, 85, 86, 87, 88a, 88b, 88c, 88d, 88e, 89a, 89b, 90, 91a, 91b, 91c, 91d, 91e, 91f, 91g, 91h, 92a, 92b, 93, 94, 95a, 95b, 96

FanArt for Forthright – some of my friends have been sweet enough to art me and my plot!biddies. :twinkle:
Twinkle Merrily by Jupe.
4thy Twinkle Twinkle by sugar0o.
Forthright’s Dokugasona by Fox.

6 thoughts on “FanArt Links (IY)

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  2. I really love the style of forthright’s writing. It’s just plain beautiful. However, the SessKag pairing just…..doesn’t sit well with me. :-/ I really, really tried to get into and it just never worked.

    I really liked her series of Sesshomaru-Miroku friendship drabbles. Tolerable, Vassal, etc.


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