700 Chapters

Lord Mettlebright’s Man. I know we’re still in the 500s with chapters on the blog, but behind the scenes, I’m in the final arcs. There will be 700 chapters, and everything needs to be final because LMM will be going to narration next week! I plan to keep posting chapters here right up until Release Day, June 4, 2023. If I’ve done my math correctly, that’ll mean we’ll reach Ch615. And then the free chapters will stop. To read the rest of the story, you’ll need to nab the published edition, which is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. That’s the ebook, of course. Print editions may take a bit longer, so I’m not taking pre-orders for signed copies. I’ll keep you posted once I know more!

Lord Mettlebright’s Man (Amaranthine Interludes, #1)
Release Day: June 4
Amazon | shelve on Goodreads 

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