Cover Reveal: Songs 09

Scribbled in Margins. The next short story in the Songs of the Amaranthine collection will be releasing next month!

They were sent into solitude, yet
neither of them was ever truly alone.

Wrongfully accused of insulting a man of higher rank, a bright young man is banished to a remote post where he must stand watch over a signal fire. Batu isn’t entirely alone, though. There’s an orange-robed monk who checks in on him from time to time, and he’s somehow befriended a golden eagle. But strange things begin to happen when the guard changes in the next tower over.

Qara can’t bear to face the future her father planned, so she runs away, pretending to be her older brother. But her new commanding officer isn’t so easily fooled. For her own good, she’s bundled off to a mountaintop watchtower. Qara is safe, but the cold and the solitude become too much to bear … until she befriends a wild sheep, a cheery villager, and the man in the next tower over.

. . .

I’ve been tweeting teasers, and early peeks are a perk of patronage, so some of you already know that this story will involve wild sheep, golden eagles, snow leopards … and a “new” moth clan (as per the cover art). Scribbled in Margins will be a digital-only release. In fact, you can pre-order the ebook now if you buy through Amazon. It’ll turn up in other storefronts closer to the release date. Eventually, once I have four stories written, there will be a print anthology & an audio edition.

Scribbled in Margins (Songs of the Amaranthine, #9)
Release Date: April 4, 2023
Pre-order on Amazon | Add to your shelves on Goodreads

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