Sorry, Jacques. As is often the case when I’m close to the end of a manuscript, my focus narrows until it’s all I can see. I’m very (very, very) close to finishing the first book in a new series for CJ, and its deadline is looming large. Travis will be narrating Farley (Journeymen of Stone, #1) in less than a month. (Eek.) I need to write the last few chapters & push through a final proofing pass before then, so … Lord Mettlebright’s Man is going to take a teensy break. Thank you for your patience!

5 thoughts on “Lulling

    • Farley is the first book in the Journeymen of Stone series, which is set after the events of Galleries of Stone. At this point, I believe there will be four books, and yes, you’ll get to see Tupper again. Eventually. It’s Farley’s turn first. ::twinkle::

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  1. I’m looking forward to the new series. I loved the characters there so much. No worries, you do tend to spoil us to excess ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and we love you for that.


  2. I bought the books for me (but shared them with my daughter). She’s going to float away when I tell her the new book is here. (Waiting to say anything, because a tweens patience is in pretty short supply)


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