Last Call

With everything unfolding in tiny snippets, it’s probably difficult to tell, but Lord Mettlebright’s Man has begun quietly culminating. There’s one last time skip ahead, which will bring us into the events leading up to Bk4: Mikoto and the Reaver Village. I’m aiming to finish with 700 chapters, and there will be a Suuzu-centric bonus short story (set between Bk5 and Bk6) that I’ll include in the LMM print/audio editions. (It’ll count as an Amaranthine Interlude & also publish digitally as a stand-alone.)

So anyway … this is LAST CALL! If you’d like to help the story along by offering a little inspiration, head on over to the prompt post. For LMM, I accept single-word prompts (eg. pooch, pucker, paisley), common combos (Windsor knot, mani-pedi, soft yes), and all sorts of phrases, including (but not limited to) idioms, allusions, and brief quotes credited to anyone from Oscar Wilde to William Shakespeare. If you need inspiration, scroll through the pile of suggestions that have already been dropped off. I’ll fit in as many as I can before I bring Jacques’ story to a close.

Prompt Post for LMM >>

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