ART: Marvelous Actors

5th Inktober = 4th Anniversary of Jacques-tober. (Okay, maybe I’m trying too hard to shoehorn a 4 into the festivities.) Are you ready for a whole month of daily updates for Lord Mettlebright’s Man? It’s a little early to begin (Jacques never has been much of a morning person), but Cat and Canary brought coffee and are quite willing to bolster their good friend in any way. (Ah, cats.)

Marvelous Actors | art by FoxOfTwilight

For those who may need a refresher, Cat & Canary (or more properly Canarian & Catalan Evernhold) are two of Deece’s “sexy older brothers.” Jacques met them back in Chapter 203: “Charmed, I’m Sure” of Lord Mettlebright’s Man. But of course, YOU first met them in Governed by Whimsy (Songs of the Amaranthine, #4), since they’re the founders of the acting troupe to which Ambrose belonged. If you’ve been reading ALL the things and paying attention to details, you’ll know that in the current LMM/SAGA timeline, Canarian still works closely with his uncle, Hisoka Twineshaft … and that he and Cat are quite cozy with Jacques. Sometimes. (Ah, cats.)

Note: There’s a whole chart to sort out Himeko Evernhold’s household, but here’s the short version:

  • Canarian and Catalan are not actually related by blood. They’re the equivalent of step-brothers.
  • Canarian is Himeko’s son by a hearthcat named Petros, her first (in the chronological sense) consort. Canarian strongly resembles his mother.
  • Catalan is the son of Himeko’s first (meaning favorite) consort Rand, a charismatic hearthcat who was previously part of the court of a good friend of hers, a South American jaguar. For Rand’s sake, Himeko adopted Cat, making him an Evernhold. Catalan greatly resembles his mother.
  • Cat & Canary are roughly the same age, and they were raised together at Himeko’s hearth. Closer than brothers, you may be more comfy thinking of them as childhood friends. Neither wishes to be bound to a lady mistress, so they ran away together (and founded the aforementioned acting company).
  • GOVERNED BY WHIMSY SPOILER: Greta’s baby shares a father with Canarian, so Canarian is officially fostering her child, who was born into his hands. But of course, the baby was also born into Lord Scatterlight’s nest. And there’s Cat to consider. So. Many. Dads. ::twinkle::
  • In the current LMM timeline, that child would be at the right age to be attending New Saga High School in Keishi. (A detail confirmed in Ch369: “Dadding” of LMM).
  • If you want to know more (and I guarantee, there IS more), I encourage you to join the ranks of my patrons over on Patreon. Once we reach the community goal of 400 supporters, I’ll begin spinning out Kimiko and the Cycle of Moons. Because all of this stuff matters quite a bit to Nonny … and to Sakiko Miyabe, who is ALSO at an age to be attending New Saga. ::twinkling intensifies::

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3 thoughts on “ART: Marvelous Actors

  1. My head is spinning with all the convoluted related storylines! How do you keep them straight? The art is stunning! Thanks FoxOfTwilight, the boys all look stunning! Green really is Jacques color ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

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