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Flattered by Flowers: The Anthology. I received an initial proof of the new anthology over the weekend. It looks lovely! As a reminder, this book includes Songs of the Amaranthine 5-8:

  • Hemmed in SilverFairies in the garden. Frost on the pumpkins. Farmhands at the dance.
  • Captured on FilmOne brother believes in impossible things. One brother denies he can see them.
  • Bathed in MoonlightSome courtships follow all the rules. Some courtships bend them.
  • Flattered by FlowersHe’s a rough-hewn romantic, and she becomes his muse.

The flyleaf is ornamented by bamboo this time, and there will be numbered sticker-style bookplates available to readers who want to buy their book elsewhere & add a personal touch. I’ll be opening up for pre-orders of signed copies (and signed bookplates) on May 1.

To be clear, the anthology is only available in print (as seen above) and in audio, narrated by Travis Baldree. You can pre-order the print editions now from your usual book-shopping venues. We’ve tried to set up pre-orders on Audible, too, but the book isn’t showing up just yet. Let me know if you see it populate!

Still to Come. Look forward to peeks at the stamp images that will decorate author-signed copies. And I think we’ll have audio clips from Travis’s narration, too!

Thank you for Pre-Ordering!
Flattered by Flowers: The Anthology
Release Date: May 22, 2022

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