Release Day

Flattered by Flowers. Today’s the day! The 8th Songs of the Amaranthine tale has released. Here’s hoping you enjoy the new addition. And since such tales are short & sweet, I’ll make this post do double duty as the Squee Post for Flattered by Flowers.

He’s a rough-hewn romantic, and she becomes his muse.
Junpei is a day laborer who’s supporting his mother and younger brother. He’s mostly resigned to rough hands and scant respectability, but for a few precious hours each evening, he loses himself in the colors and beauty of creation. His painted lanterns and parasols always sell, but supplies are costly, and unlike his illustrious father, he has no patron. While Junpei struggles to get by, strange things are afoot in Keishi—foreigners and their foreign ways. But he’s most interested in the lovely daughter of a local sweets merchant, whose kimono patterns inspire his paintings.

Release Day: April 4, 2022
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Squee Post. If you need a place to react, confer, or kick up a fuss, this is the spot. I’ll enjoy your enthusiasm, I might be willing to clarify small points, but I reserve the right to evade questions that will be answered later in the Saga & Songs. ::twinkle::


16 thoughts on “Release Day

  1. I love it, love it, love it
    I’m already through for the first time and started my second turn.
    This story answers so many questions I have after reading all of your Amaranthine stories.
    I love them all but this will be one of my favorites
    Thanks a lot for writing so many heartwarming stories

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  2. I am having the best day ill off work ever! (COVID) Flattered by flowers was delightful, I am trying to postpone the second read of it until tomorrow. Then the post arrived with the Akira and Suuzu card! I am definitely feeling much better!

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  3. forthy, you spoil us!!! I’m slower through this one because of dragged school, but what I’ve been able to read so far has been joyous! So many names and faces we’ve seen before! I can hardly believe it. Such fun – and such a great taste of the “before” of so many stories of which we’ve seen the other end! Just got to Anna and Harmonious’ meeting and he is cracking me up. Puppy love at first sight! Or shall I say he’s got the heart of a dog 😉😉 Can’t wait to continue once I’m free of classes for the day!!

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  4. I swear, the first twenty pages of this were iterations of “wait, what? Wait, WHAT?” And now I have so many thoughts! Like what if Kusunoki bonds with Kimiko or her little one? Or what if Kusunoki could bond with Akira? AND WE MET AKIRA AND TSUMIKO’S PARENTS. That one took me a minute, lol. Now we just need to find out how they were captured!

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  5. Dangit! This happens every time! I make a very, VERY long comment once I finish with ALL my squees and questions and then it doesn’t show up in the comments section! Sad day… I’m going to try and remember some of what I wrote in there…
    – Was SO SO good, marvelous, I loved seeing different people come together from different stories into one essential meeting point. It was just SO GOOD.
    – Anna has been through so MUCH, bless her, I’m so glad she ended up with a pack who love and adore her, especially a big sap like Harmonious.
    – I was so surprised to meet Naoki!! Just this small glimpse has made me even more impatient for him to be saved!! New Saga can’t come soon enough!
    – Does this mean Kusunoki is Akira and Tsumiko’s brother??
    – Was/Would Opal be able to be mended by Tenma? I hope so, I love him so much
    – I love that Harmonious and Anna were essentially married/bonded on the same spot that Kimi and Quen eventually were!
    -(oh Glint……..)
    – I’d originally asked if Junpei was also the one who painted the chrysanthemum for the first kiss, but I see that that was confirmed above! This means Junpei is still around and that warms my heart deeply ❤
    – Sho is the original purveyor of the Stat Festival, general public story! So very interesting! I'd love to hear what became of him. I love Anna's name's slow journey to Saint Midori 🙂
    – I have to wonder if the kind soul who taught Junpei to read and write was also an Amaranthine? Could they see his shine and tried to help him? Was that mentioned and I've just got to go read through again?? Regardless, his father deserves all the scorn I have for him and I hope he really felt that stick up his butt when he found out his bastard son was hired by the newest wealthy addition to Keishi society 😛
    – I am heartbroken about the others lost in the attack but especially Matsu and through that for Kusunoki but I hope eventually Kimi is told how her ancestor was warm, kind, and hospitable to the very end ❤
    – I am VERY interested to see how these dragons specifically each figure into the rest of the web of conflict we've seen built up since the beginning. And how foxes began to weave into that…
    – Since Kusunoki was blooming for Kimi and Quen's courting, that means he's more than likely slowly waking up?? I'm hoping we get to see Kimi meet her best friend! Because he will more than likely never need to part from her! But I'm sure he'll be heartbroken about what Naoki and Hajime have gone through…

    There may have been more or less of some things or other, but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am so excited about all this new information and ughhhhhh I am so excited to see what else we get to add as we move forward! Another banger, forthy! ❤

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    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that has problems. It works most of the time but I always feel like lm doing something wrong. I have to log in every time I post 🤨

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  6. This story has SO MANY wonderful throw backs! So many paths and connections. And the moment Harmonious sets eyes on Anna and is smitten! Straight through the ❤️ I don’t think anything could get better.

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