Bard & Barbarian

Updated! Bard & Barbarian has updated over on my Patreon with Ch31, “Paladin for Hire.” Mort and Yarrow do a little recruiting for a side job. Should be simple, yeah?

forthright on Patreon >>

Fun Fact: Back when I started this story, I was just goofing off. I wanted something fun to write. I knew I was being self-indulgent. I put zero thought into the title. How was I supposed to know Bard & Barbarian would be favored with narration? Suddenly, it’s this THING. It has official art & a book cover (as yet unrevealed) and … and all the trappings of a “real” story. But some of the underpinnings are silly. And a good example would be in the names of our crew’s sibling paladins:

Mort derives from the Latin for “death”
Vida derives from the Latin for “life”

So there you go. Me goofing. If you’ve been generous enough to join the ranks of patrons, I hope you’re enjoying the tale!

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