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Fumiko and the Finicky Nestmate. If you need a place to react, confer, or kick up a fuss, this is the spot. I’ll enjoy your enthusiasm, I might be willing to clarify small points, but I reserve the right to evade questions that will be answered later in the series. ::twinkle::


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  1. Feast after famine?
    First four books had so much information on this world you create, but the overarching conflict was almost a side note. Along with the other mysteries you slipped in there. And now with this one 90% of the mysteries are answered and you set up the next book for a glorious confrontation and likely conclusion.
    Well done! Beautiful. I love the character of Fumiko and her sister is darling. The wandering tree is both brilliant and tragic.


  2. Poor Colt.

    My headcannon has been destroyed, wherein a certain horse and battler joined the exceptional few who were tended long into the years.

    I hereby demand – demand I say – that we follow those two at least a little more in the coming years. I believe Colt had a few stories for Juuyu if nothing else.

    Oh yeah, and the rest of the book is great too. I’ve been waiting for the resolution of Akira and Suuzu, and this was fabulous. As cute as Fumiko and Juuyu were (and they were pretty adorable), I’m a bit more invested in Akira.


    • I know!! Heartbroken!! I am not okay with this!!! Does he now know that he COULD HAVE sustained her? Or—perhaps she died in battle or childbirth. Ugggghhhhhhh. 😭


    • Eating a golden seed causes a person to become pregnant and the child is born with a golden seed in their hand. I think Suuzu’s intention is to have a child, both Akira and Suuzu will raise the child and Akira and the child will both be tree kin when they plant their seeds.

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      • I reread the part and here’s what I think: part of the duties of the 10th phoenix child is to propagate the seeds, ie by eating them and giving birth to new trees. So Suuzu is performing this duty (he tells Juuyu that he was set aside for peace so it’s his job). Juuyu mentions that the “remaining” duty would be to entrust the other two seeds to the protector of the new grove- Argent.


        • Suuzu is going to be a father soon 🙂 The two other seeds need to be planted also…in the grove at Stately House…who will plant those seeds though!? Whoever those two people are, they will gain a trees years! (My heart says that Uncle Jackie and Akira might be around for lots of little crossers!) ❤

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          • I love this series so much!!! I loved the answers to our questions, and the new questions this book spawned. I’m always amazed reading each new book how intricately the small tiny details weave together to form this mind blowing connection and network of characters. I love trying to piece together details (only to be wrong most of the time – tricky Forthy) but just awed of how everyone relates. I cannot wait for the next book.

            The Akira and Suuzu parts made my heart squish. But how is he 26!? Our goofy little middle-schooler is grown and it’s making me tear up!

            Juuyu and Fumiko were sweet. I empathize with Juuyu and his need for clean and orderly…..my husband is more in line with Fumiko for sure 😂

            I’m really looking forward to Travis’ audible narration in a few weeks. I’ll get to experience this story all over again – and maybe catch more things I missed on my first go.

            Excellent A+++ work. Can’t wait for the next time I can immerse myself in this world. (TBH I do this often with re-reads 😅)

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    • I’m 100% certain that Suuzu did not eat a seed. He opened one of the fruits, but did not partake. He plans to give them to Argent, who they hope will give one to Akira to plant.


  3. I liked the book (gonna give it a full star Ama review so that plenty will be published but I too was confused:
    – Why did Suuzu eat the seed that would prolong Akira?
    – Did Colt not know to tend?
    – Why would the bonsai trees not be planted so they could grow and thrive?
    Looking forward to the next book…

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    • Most bonsai, especially ones of any age, wouldn’t take well to being planted again. They lack a taproot to keep them upright – they depend on the pot to do that for them. They’ve also been so aggressively trimmed that growing up and out would be challenging.

      Now then, for a sentient tree that’s capable of aggressive growth? That’s harder to say. Or rather, that’s for Forthright to say. 😀

      Plus, would Hajime want to be rooted in place after so many centuries of freedom?


    • I don’t think tending reavers had been discovered in the time Fira and Ricker were a couple. I believe Anna and Harmonious are the first mentioned couple to do so, though it may have been discovered earlier.

      Suuzu by eating a seed is now pregnant and will give birth to a child that is born with a golden seed in their hand. It was noted there were two other golden seeds in the box Suuzu took his from.


  4. I am also confused by Suuzu eating the seed, but there has been so much secret keeping about the seeds, I imagine that the full scope will be revealed later, like the mystery of the Hajime.

    Speaking of secrets and Hajime, I teared up when it was confirmed what was done to the poor Amaranthine trees (I realized it with Juuyu). And also with Mercy’s reveal and Kyrie reacting to having a grandfather with eyes like his.


      • The red eyes may not be a trait of an Amaranthine dragon but of a tree. IMHO: The Rogue is tree-kin…I felt that since “the clue” or Reliquary in Bk 2. Kyrie is related to Hajime more directly than via Akira. 😉 Also, why is Kusunoki sleeping!? Is the tree a hybrid too? Or is it an Amaranthine tree and something happened to the tree!? Can tree spirits split off and travel as a bonsai leaving the rest of themselves behind? I am really looking forward to meeting these dragons that tend a secret, hidden grove that, where even Amaranthine can forget meeting them! A place where many “experiments” might be taking place! Are these good or bad? I don’t know! There might be more to the Rogue and his life than we originally thought!


  5. Aah~!
    I just finished the book. Was nearly squealing several times while reading it and really just want to squeal right now after reading the final sentence. Alas, it is 1 AM and my boyfriend is already sleeping.

    As soon as Fumiko gifted the box I was joping it would be a Golden Seed. So I’m really pleased about the last scene. And altogether very happy about the whole ‘family reunion’. I hope we get to see Hajimes playful later on, after he has setteled at Stately House, amidst his family and the lively bunch there.

    Back to the Golden Seed: My take on Suuzu’s decision is that he wanted to give the seeds (the rarest of all) the best protection possible – and that would be off the records, with him, his bondmate and thus all of Stately House. Furthermore, the seeds were presented to him, with consent of the tree, so he was on one side obliged to accept the gift and on the other he was legally allowed to take on seed for himself. As noted in the story, one of the two remaining seeds will go to Akira. Maybe the third will go to Tenma or his successor? It leaves room for speculation that is for sure.

    Thank you for this great continuation of your story, Forthright!


  6. I think my head exploded at the ending, so I’m not sure (lol) but I don’t think Amaranthine ever take seeds from those children, no matter if they’re built to “go on and on,” From the text clues, they seem to see it as stealing a bonded sibling…

    But I thought that there was more than one seed pod? So Suuzu took one, and Juuyu seemed to be all “wink-wink, we’re plotting” so they’ll give one of the others to Akira…


  7. Oh my gosh I am only 9% of the way in…
    But Ricker!. From my favorite Songs. Yay!!! I am going to carefully not read any other comments but I couldn’t hold in my excitement 😂


  8. So many answers! So many New Questions! A plethora of potential connections and the anticipation of dangerous adventure! I am a simmering kettle of feelings and thoughts!

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  9. I have a QUESTION it’s not a huge thing. Paper copy, end of Chapter 19, page 143. The sentence that ends the chapter does not have any end punctuation. I think it’s a full sentence and there’s not anything else missing, but I wanted to check with other people. Hoping my copy isn’t missing anything. The next page is 144, Chapter 20, so no physical pages are missing.

    Other than that. SQUEE for the SQUEE POST.

    Unn. Lots of other things. Bombshell level of things. Wow. Gosh. That was Planned from the start too, I assume.


  10. This book explained a lot that I’ve been dying to know.

    But the last two sentences have me all sorts of confused. In the fable of the angel, he gives the women seeds to eat which makes them pregnant with children born holding a seed to plant outside their home… are you hinting that these seeds could be Tsumiko and Akiras missing seeds??? And if so, why not just have Akira plant one? I’m all kinds of confused about that ending. There is a lot of vague-ness concerning trees and tree twins and tree-kin in the books (reasons, I know.) So that it attributing to my confusion.

    Also, I hope Akira is ready to be a daddy! Lol! Seriously though, I’m so happy to see their relationship move forward. Can’t wait to see what happens next. ❤

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    • I think a big part of that was that these seeds were still in their FRUITS (Hajime’s fruits), so they hadn’t been “gifted” to anyone particular yet. In Book 1, there’s a line “Beware trees who press the flesh of their fruit past your lips with the sweetness of their kisses. But if you succumb, be gentle with the blessing of their child.” So these are the original fruits from Hajime, and Suuzu extracts and swallows the golden seed from within that fruit (like the women in the story of Auriel of the Golden Seed). This will lead to a child that is born with a golden seed in their hand.
      But although it’s not Akira or Tsumiko’s missing seeds, Akira could conceivably take one of the seeds from the fruits, plant it, and gain a tree’s years, thus not having to part from Suuzu! And since Tsumiko doesn’t really need her seed for it’s lifespan-altering properties, they’d need to give it to someone else. I’m all for someone else’s suggestion that it go to Jacques! He is everyone’s favorite uncle after all… 😉

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  11. I woke up wt 3:00 EDT Friday morning to go to the bathroom and made the mistake of checking to see if the book appeared in my library. The next thing I knew it was 7:30, I still needed to pee, and I was crying at the end. Thank you seems paltry to say.

    This was excellent…Fumiko and her loneliness, Juyuu and his joy, Naoki’s story and Hajime’s love, Jacques rising to all occasions, and last but hardly least…Akira and poor scared Suuzu. Your talent and muse awe and amaze me. The narrative, the voices, the world building…I bless the day I stumbled across your various works and thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing it all with is.

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  12. NOOOOOOOOOOO THE WEBSITE DELETED MY COMMENT!! It was such a monster too ughhhhhhhh….. Suffice it to say, after I was finally able to sit down and READ, I am gobsmacked and elated about so many things in this book!!!! I will say, I’m proud of myself for figuring on the bonsai earlier quite a bit earlier than it came to full light. It was my pat-on-the-back for the week hahaha… I’m SO happy for Juuyu and Fumiko but, as previous comments have mentioned, I am SO SO SOOOOOOO happy for Akira and Suuzu! And honestly for Hajime too… He’s not alone anymore and is being cared-for and pampered as he should be! I was distraught when I figured that Colt and Ricker were one and the same. The fact that he’s lost his Fira was such a blow… They’re my favorite of the Song couples so learning of her passing was almost like losing a close friend… But his and Hallow’s camaraderie in Governed by Whimsy makes even MORE sense! I knew Hallow at least had to come from Glintrubble, but who knew that Colt was so dear to the heart of things…However, this knowledge makes me scared to know about Ambrose and Greta and how they fared after we left them…
    And now it’s amazing to know that everyone in the Eilte taskforce has been with us, if not the whole time, then quite a bit of it!
    All I have to ask now is a happy ending for Jacques – the man deserves to be cherished as a special someone’s someone entirely too much!!
    I lied – and NOW, forthy, I beg for even a hint of a season when we might hear new about the next book…. *insert begging emoji here because on on a comp*… because this cliffhanger was TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE!!! I am absolutely DEAD.
    I’m sure I missed so many of the things I squeed over in my original comment, but wmnbdefgnksjdrebgfnksjrfkxwjerfdknsjhfksnrhfmskemrhdf just about captures my feelings at the moment. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Also-also, by searching through all these stories as I’m connecting dots, I STILL want to know about Fira’s dream… Waking dream? The one with the dragon and phoenix carrying something precious between them. Has that been answered yet? I don’t think so, but it’s entirely possible I missed something.

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    • Also-also-also I recently tried to create some kind of family tree/relationship diagram and had to give up for now because there are just SO many darn connections!!

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  13. This might be my favorite book yet!! So, previously Hisoka thought all the Hajimes strewn throughout the world were possibly potent souls that someone expected to harvest. Now we are pretty positive they are the progeny of the original Hajime keeping them safe from the rogue and 2 other bad dragons. No clue if bad dragons are forcing Hajime to procreate so they can harvest later?
    I am assuming that trees from the same line would have the same colored flowers. Chickabiddie bloomed at the end of that book but i can’t find mention of the color so I am assuming she is a Hajime seed and he tampered with Tammy & Joe. Kusunoki has red flowers so it seems reasonable they are not related to H. Very excited for the next book to see how wrong I am about stuff 😊.


  14. Thank you, I really enjoyed this one! Does this mean we are done with big time skips for the series? I absolutely want to know what happens immediately after this, but as a greedy reader, I was also hoping to catch up with Lilya, Tenma, Timur, and Fend when they are a little older. I got attached!


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