Running Low. I hadn’t realized how low my stock of books had run until I filled a couple of orders and took the next-to-last copy. Time to place an order with the printer! I was low on bookplates, too. (Oops.) A quick check confirmed that I was out of large blue bubble mailers (the kind that neatly fits 4 books). PLUS … I’ve started get orders for All The Books (5+). So I did some quick measuring and will soon add boxes to my repertoire. Once those come in, I’ll have to snap a photo for you.

If you’re interested in ordering signed copies of any of my books (under any of my pen names), you can see the rundown on my Signed Books tab. I currently have at least one copy of everything, with more books arriving in a week or so.

3 thoughts on “Inventory

  1. Do you have book plates for Molotov and the Reaver Village? I think I have them for all the other books, but not that one. I may have to double check my books and see which ones I’m missing. 🙄


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