So close. When I near the end of a manuscript, it’s all I can see. So I’m going to let Mood Stripes & Lord Mettlebright’s Man lull for a couple of weeks. Thank you for your patience.

You might be asking yourself:

  • What about your May fandom event on Ko-fi? Will you update Unexpected? Yep. But because of how the calendar stacked up this month, we’ll convene on the 5th Saturday: May 29, 2021.
  • Will Bard & Barbarian update next week on Patreon? Nope. I’m giving myself a week off (since I did already post one chapter for May).
  • Whyyy? I need more Jacques in my life! Well, good. Because I’ll post a chapter-a-day of LMM for the month of June again this year.
  • When will Fumiko and the Finnicky Nestmate release? I don’t like to set a firm release date until my manuscript is off to the editors. However … I will confide that Bk5 picks up in October after everyone returns home from their summer stay at Wardenclave in Bk4. So I’m leaning toward a fall release.

More fun stuff to come. I’ll keep you posted.

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