Bard & Barbarian

Narrated Edition. Bard and Barbarian has been posting slow and steady over on my Patreon account. Reading along is great, but supporters on some tiers can now listen along. Ch6, “Turn on the Charm” just went live for those in qualifying tiers. AND Ch2, “Friend of the Fey” just unlocked for the Twinkle and Sparkle tiers.

Twinkle Press Presents | art by FoxOfTwilight

New narrated chapters will arrive every other Wednesday, which means … there’s always something more to look forward to! Learn more about my Patreon here >>

2 thoughts on “Bard & Barbarian

  1. I see that there’s an audio version of the short stories coming in August. Does that mean Mikoto and the Reaver Village will have an audio version soon, too?

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