LMM 220: Look at Me

Claimer: I do hereby claim all rights and responsibility for the characters in this series of vignettes because the Amaranthine Saga is mine. (Which means I should probably behave myself since anything I say or do could be taken as canon.) Indulge the lot of us, especially the noble one.

Look at Me

“And that focus would be …? Ah.” Hisoka lapsed into a genuine smile. “You?”


“And what do you gain?”

“You have to ask? I adore being the center of attention.”

“I had noticed.” Hisoka’s smile took on smirkish leanings. “You are evading the question.”

“What can I say? You’re an excellent example.”

“You are too kind.” A purr made itself felt. “Are you putting yourself through all of this for Akira?”

Non.” Jacques turned his head. “My reasons are entirely selfish.”

“And what do you hope to gain?”


Hisoka blinked. “From…?”

“Have you ever watched Suuzu watch Akira?”

Posted: February 25, 2021
Prompt: Focus, suggested by ming
Words: 100

Summary: Jacques Smythe brazens his way into Stately House and shows no sign of departing. Like it or not, Lord Mettlebright has himself a butler. An Amaranthine Saga Serial. [Humor, Drama, Family] Begins here. You can suggest a prompt here. To scroll through archived chapters, use the Lord Mettlebright’s Man tag.


8 thoughts on “LMM 220: Look at Me

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  2. Awwwww, Jacques is a complete sweetheart. He may wrap it up in selfishness, but it comes from love 💕 I really hope he gets someone wonderful who will cherish him 🥰

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  3. I can’t figure out if this has something to do with Suuzu and Akira or if Jacques is using them as an example. It’s possible he is concerned about his wee crossers losing him after he’s built such strong bonds with them – after all, most will either still be children or very young adolescents by the time a human like Jacques would disappear from their lives. That seems like it would make since with his desire to be the best uncle ever.

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