Captured on Film

Cover Reveal. Due to this and that, I’ve been playing with a Songs of the Amaranthine adventure all month. It’s simply easier to sneak in the writing time when I can finish scenes in short bursts. Progress has been good, so I went ahead and set a release date. If you use Amazon/Kindle, you can pre-order Captured on Film. Yes, it’ll eventually be available everywhere.

One brother believes in impossible things. One brother denies he can see them.
When Caleb Dare’s younger brother shows up out of the blue, he’s immediately suspicious. The two of them live in totally different worlds. But Josheb threatens to camp in the middle of Caleb’s urban loft for as long as it takes to convince him to take a nice, long hike into the woods. They can camp. Swap stories around the fire. Just like old times.
Yeah, right.

Josheb’s true motive is a major hassle. If not a hustle. He’s always believed in absolutely everything, from extraterrestrials to the paranormal. On a hot tip from an undisclosed source, he’s chasing a myth into the mountains, sure he’ll be the one to prove the existence of an elusive cryptid. It’ll be the story of the century, and Caleb is the only one who can give him the edge he needs.
Yeah, he’s right.

Release Day: March 4, 2021
Amazon (US) | Goodreads

• • •

Detail-oriented readers may remember the Dare brothers, who were first (passingly) mentioned in Tamiko and the Two Janitors. They (and their wildly popular television series) are referred to again in Mikoto and the Reaver Village. ::twinkle::

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