The Bargain

Tuesday’s Tote. I’ve been adding a new fandom book cover to Goodreads & to the fanfic site each week. (Expect that trend to continue.) And as an added bonus, the revealed pattern becomes available in my Threadless & TeePublic shopfronts. Totes, masks, and note cards are available. This week we’re adding an homage to The Bargain.

Summary: Lessons learned in childhood last a lifetime. They mold young minds and shape their futures. The things that left the biggest impressions on Sesshoumaru were his father… his teacher… and an egg. Canon Divergence. Oneshot.

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Childhood Days. This short story is notable because it introduced Hisoka-sensei to the world and inspired Unspoiled, which is arguably my most famous fanfiction. If you take it a step further, it could be argued that without Hisoka-sensei, the Amaranthine Saga wouldn’t exist. But I honestly love this little ficlet for its own sake.

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