Bard & Barbarian

New Chapter. I’ve added this month’s installment to Bard & Barbarian. It’s an original story about two of the OCs I played during my first DnD campaigns. What can I say … I got attached. Their serialized adventure will undoubtedly be a stand-alone book one day, but if you want to be a part of their story while it’s unfolding, become a patron. (I’m teetering on the cusp of a milestone: 99 patrons.)

As it happens, Ch14: “Commission” brings a close to Part 1 of Bard & Barbarian. The story’s tagline is … Imber was only a boy when he first met the divine beast who would one day share his adventures. Next month, that boy will be back as a teen.

Art Peek! I’ve commissioned portraits (and a book cover) for Bard & Barbarian. Here’s a peek at the lines for a dual portrait of our boys.

Imber & Marc | art by Alexa Sharpe

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