News Hound

Updated! Iruka is sent undercover on a mission that bears every resemblance to an enforced vacation. It’s the world’s most boring assignment. And the loneliest. Until a chatty photojournalist named Sukea starts hanging around. Canon Divergence. [Iruka & Kakashi/Sukea/Hound]

This Naruto fanfic updates on Tuesdays. Chapter 3: “Hint Dropping” just posted.

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**Author’s Note from Ch2** For those who maybe didn’t make it all the way to Episode 469 of Naruto Shipuuden, you’re missing a vital piece of information. Sukea is an alter ego that Kakashi uses when information gathering. To the delight of screencappers everywhere, he reprises the role in Boruto, so there are plenty of opportunities to (finally) get a gander at the Copy Ninja’s bare face.

One thought on “News Hound

  1. I am loving this story! I hadn’t made it to ep 469 before this. What is funny is that I just started this month re-watching Shipuuden so that I could finally finish the series. I had to skip ahead to see Sukea, can’t miss out on that beautiful face. ❤


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