News Hound

New Story. New Fandom. I’ve always sort of wanted to write for the Naruto fandom. (Iruka is my all-time favorite ninja. So there.) Early this year, I started messing with News Hound on the side. Just a scene here or there, in between all the other things I was supposed to be doing. (I like having an escape!story for days when I’m feeling rebellious.) Lo, and behold, the thing behaved so well, it’s essentially complete. TWO chapters to give you a running start. New chapters will post every Tuesday.

Summary: Iruka is sent undercover on a mission that bears every resemblance to an enforced vacation. It’s the world’s most boring assignment. And the loneliest. Until a chatty photojournalist named Sukea starts hanging around. Canon Divergence. [Iruka & Kakashi/Sukea/Hound]

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3 thoughts on “News Hound

  1. I love Naruto-verse… Pre-new generation. I hate what they did to Shino. I just hate what they did to all of them.
    but I love Iruka. I love Kakashi. I love your style of writing.


  2. Huge Naruto fan here. I haven’t seen all of Shippuden yet, so I didn’t realize that he dies. I’m a big Kakashi fan too. I’m a little neutral on Boruto (so much dad angst! Get over it!) but I loved seeing who got paired with whom.


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