September 22. Today is my fandom anniversary, which I mark (most years) by beginning, ending, and/or variously updating my fanfics. This year is the 14th Anniversary, and I have Planz. Let’s begin with an unveiling.

Forthright Fanfiction. This summer, I took the plunge and ordered up some book covers for my fanfics. They’ll begin appearing over on my fanfiction profiles AND on Goodreads, where you can now “get credit” for reading my stories. Here are the first four:

ALL of my fanfics are scheduled to get shiny new covers. (Yeah, it’s added up over the years. And I’m far from done.) I’ll focus first on completed stories. Then focus on completing stories. New Covers will be unveiled weekly. How do Tuesdays work for you?

Forthright Fanfiction on Goodreads >>

3 thoughts on “Fanniversary

  1. I’m so glad you are giving these wonderful stories their own bit of extra love. I love the soft colors and little design hints. I love the ginkgoes and the coffee beans.


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