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Mikoto and the Reaver Village. If you need a place to react, confer, or kick up a fuss, this is the spot. I’ll enjoy your enthusiasm, I might be willing to clarify small points, but I reserve the right to evade questions that will be answered later in the series. ::twinkle::


27 thoughts on “Squee Post

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  2. Omgggg, ALL MY FAVES, THERE ARE SO MANY REUNIONS!! TENMAAAAAA!!! ALL GROWN UP!!! And Sinder makes me wanna cry 😭😭😭😭😭 And I actually DID cry when we learned about Path 💔😭💔😭💔💔💔

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  3. am I the only one who is always going.. okay, does that mean they’re a romantic couple? The main ones are always obvious but omg that ending, cannot be brotherhood, right?

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    • I always wonder the same thing. Fend would have let us know, but Forthy (I mean Timur) went and cut him off. Gotta keep us wondering, I guess! I also want to know whether he found speaking form in record time, (I should think he’s 10 years old at the oldest…which is what in kith-kin years?), and whether his father (most likely Deece) will own him! My theory is that Fend has been listening in on some of Kip’s tending lessons (perhaps with Kyrie’s help), and wants to bind his lifespan to Timur’s! Hopefully LMM will lend some insights!

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  4. I feel bad for saying this. But… this one isn’t an instant recommendation for me. I mean, it was fun to revisit the folks we’ve been following for years now, and there was a lot going on (I don’t feel like anything was cut short despite there being a lot going on – a definite plus), but I came out of the novel feeling… unfulfilled.

    I’ve read a number of slice of life books before, which is the route this book seems to take, but there were simply too many threads being woven together to not have a larger plot pulling the story along. The other books utilized a romantic (sub)plot to set the pace in their own slice-of-life stories. But as this story lacked such a plot (Joe and Kip had more romance going than Mikoto and Tzefira), the book just kinda slogged along.

    That said, I really enjoyed Zisa: he is absolutely fabulous. Ginko and Snow… that was hard to read (I just finished re-reading Marked by Stars), but it formed a great capstone for that arc. I also loved Radiance’s playful attitude throughout.

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    • I disagree. Mikoto and Tzefira are a magical love tale, and I enjoyed the different storylines in the book as well. Perhaps if you read this book for the first time you won’t be as invested, but this one is clearly part of a saga and the opportunity “to mix the known and unknown together” provides extra entertainment ❣️

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      • > Perhaps if you read this book for the first time you won’t be as invested
        I’m quite caught up with this series (and the short stories, LMM, etc). Being invested in the characters (old and new) doesn’t a plot create.

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  5. Could really have benefited from an editor looking at it and refining it. Sooooo busy, I forgot about the “main characters” many times. This series lost the magic from the first book and it looks like it isn’t coming back. Agh I’m really sad I was hoping it would be a true story this time. 😦

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    • That’s what re-reading is made for. If you are not detail oriented blame your memory, not the books 😂 That “you don’t see the magic” doesn’t mean it’s not there. Furthermore, nobody obligues you to read “while you are sooo busy” If you are going to critizase a person’s work ay least take the time to do it properly.

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      • True, rereading helps capture details you may have missed the first time around but my memory is not the issue. The issue is that there are multiple central conflicts to go along with the multiple plots, none of which were resolved during the book. If MATRV had about 300 extra pages to allow for a falling action and resolution per plot my opinion would be different. This story has too much going on that it never finished. The “magic” I speak of is the satisfaction of having the main conflict resolved after a climax. With multiple plots developing at the same time, there is no true central climax in this story. As for my statement of “sooo busy”, that is not about my schedule but as to how much is going on in the story.
        I have loved Forthrite’s storytelling, the way she structures a sentence is beautiful. Sadly, that wasn’t enough to fix the mistakes of the structure of this book for me.
        I respect that you truly enjoyed the story and seeing the past characters. I’m truly glad you did. This is my personal opinion, and you shouldn’t let it affect you. I’m saying it because I have read her other work and know she is able to write resolutions. It just makes sad the “main” story is lost when she branches off to different plots.

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    • I’m inclined to agree with you, Amanda. There were a ton of new names to remember, and I had to stop and think “OK, who’s [X] again?” whenever a name came up. Not having a main romantic pair of characters didn’t help, either. Even “Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal” with it’s somewhat-unfocused story had Kimiko and Eloquence to keep the pace going.


  6. @CrisReads I’m sure Forthy loves having such a staunch defender, but I think Amanda’s busy comment was referencing the shifting perspectives, not her own schedule. I, admittedly, had to slow myself down and reread to fully understand all of the tiny hints and clues our favorite author likes to sneak in when we’re not looking.

    Guys! I think Hisoka sensei has his own personal angel that helped him plan the Emergence! He hears songs in the stars in GBW and now we know why!! And we now have empirical evidence that tree Amaranthine will have babies with other Amaranthine clans which could explain how Hisoka is also a one third twin!

    Did anyone else pick up that Deece is probably a Kith-sire now? Deece and Minx had two litters!

    I can’t wait to find out what I find next time I read through MatRV!

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  7. There were lots of threads to follow in this book, but I liked all the story lines. I keep missing prior characters. Will we get any glimpses of Joe/Kip again? In my mind, I’m sure Joe could wake up Kimiko’s tree. 😄. I can’t decide if they’re my favorite duo, or if it’s Akira and Suuzu.

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  8. Timur and Kyrie have to be my favorites from this book!! Timur is the only really normal (he isn’t quasi-immortal or a beacon or Tenma) reaver we see in this book, and I enjoy the reaver cultural aspects we learn from him (even as they’re sad, he had to go through so much for Gregor!). And Kyrie!!! I love him exploring his draconic side with Sinder, and find it interesting that he seems almost more powerful than Sinder? Or rather, they specialize differently – this wasn’t Sinder’s usual environment. I kind of wish we saw any of the kids’ classes; all I know they had is pottery, maybe mixed with sigil-working! (How did Kyrie and Lilya’s pottery turn out?) And Zisa! Zisa is my third favorite. A lovely addition to the Amaranthine Saga, and one that I’ll be sure to reread and catch even more past references in. And we saw Moon-kin again!! I’m so soft for him ever since the first Songs.

    Two questions, one clarifying and one curious: Lilya didn’t go to Ingress? (Speaking of Lilya, I’m going to have to reread with a fine toothed comb to catch her and Tenma’s interactions before her Declaration. It was certainly a surprise!) And, Fend now needs a second speaking form name, hehe! Will we learn it? I absolutely loved the ending.

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    • Good point! Pg. 68 “She’d never left Stately House.” There IS a school at Stately House, so it’s possible, and it seems that she and Kyrie have never been separated. But she’d be the first of Michael’s and Sansa’s offspring not to go to Ingress (I assume). Though, she HAS been to the Starmark Compound. So maybe “never left Stately House” just means…Japan?

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      • Yes… “never left Stately House” does refer to school attendance. For various reasons (but mostly for Kyrie’s sake), she attends school at home (alongside the crossers).


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