Moth Clan

Dimityblest. One of my friends likes to surprise me with enamel pins that suit my stories. Each book in the Amaranthine Saga has a pin or two that fits. This wee giftie doesn’t fit a specific book, although the Dimityblest clan has been mentioned regularly enough to hint at how large a part they play in the day-to-day workings of the In-between. I find this moth clan’s soft gray-browns soothing.

Dimityblest Pin

Dimityblest Quotes:

Sansa brought cups of tea and took the seat beside Tsumiko’s. “The clan who makes our paper also trains scribes. Dimityblest craftsmanship is good, yes?” —Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox

Of the four Amaranthine who arrived with the caravan, the first to seek him out was from one of the moth clans. Linlu Dimityblest was lithe and soft-spoken, with short hair mottled in powdery shades of brown and cream. The irises of his large eyes were nearly the same color as his skin—cool as river clay and glossy with interest. —Marked by Stars

Urban enclaves were more daring, interacting to a greater degree with the surrounding human community. One enclave had become world-famous as chocolatiers, and she knew of a group of Dimityblest designers whose line of specialty papers could be found in any craft store. —Tamiko and the Two Janitors

Even in human guise, Lulu looked every inch a lady of the moth clans, with soft browns and creams in the subtle plaid of her skirts and the graceful drape of her short cape. —Governed by Whimsy

In the tradition of his clan, Yulin’s designation was scribe. Scribe Yulin Dimityblest, son of Linlu Dimityblest, one of Wardenclave’s less-famous founders. A moth. —Mikoto and the Reaver Village

Whoops! How did that sneak in?

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