Lion Dogs

Shishi. Before the necessary sequestering, I enjoyed many a foray into thrift stores and used bookstores. This pretty little tray caught my eye because I already had plans for a pair of lion-dogs in one of my stores. ::eyebrow waggle::

LIttle Things 008

Lion-dogs. Guardian lions. Imperial guardians. Foo dogs. They originated in China. You’ve probably seen them in the background of anime, during shrine/temple visits or trips to visit the family grave. They’re statuary protectors, sometimes stone, sometimes bronze. In Japan, the lion-dogs are generally referred to as komainu or as shishi.

8 thoughts on “Lion Dogs

    • It’s very heavy for its size.

      I enjoy finding things in thrift stores, but I usually only carry home (bagfuls of) books. Exceptions (like this) are usually book-related … in that they remind me of something from my own stories.


  1. They are beautiful but I’m partial to them…as I gaze at the 3 Chinese SharPei lounging around the room😍
    I love thrift shops….you can always find wonderful stuff…one mans (or woman’s) treasure… I figure we bring our old stuff to thrift shops so they can find a new life with someone else.


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