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Umm… whoa. Okay, so this snagged my attention (spotted on Twitter) for obvious reasons.

5-8-2020 12-01-35 PM


**EDIT: VIZ has provided more details for Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon >>

Pretty pleased to know that Souta and Kohaku have a hand in making this new storyline possible. And my, oh my … more time skipping shall be had. ::twinkle::

17 thoughts on “Next Gen

  1. …oh man does this mean I have to acknowledge that SessRin is canon? because I REALLY don’t want to acknowledge that…

    that being said…when was this announced?! (what about Mao?? I don’t want Mao to turn out like Rin-ne – really fun concept with great characters and absolutely no substance whatsoever)

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    • WAIT OH NO THIS ALSO MEANS I MIGHT HAVE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT KAGOME ISN’T IMMORTAL (and oh god now I thinking about how this works out age wise…the kids look similarly aged and since Rin was what? about 10 years younger than Kagome, so Kags would have a 10year headstart on her, with her kid being only a quarter-hanyo so the age progression should be faster than with Inuyasha…Forthy I’m already going crazy with it and this literally just posted as a leak image ten minutes ago).

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    • There’s a tiny part of me that’s giggling over being flamed so often for what may turn out to be a canon pairing. : P

      And that tweet is everything I know. Seemed newsworthy enough to share. ::twinkle::


      • I know that like bc of that post-series drama CD folk consider SessRin to be canon, which I totally understand – I’ve built flimsier foundations on WAY LESS in my time – but it just seems so wronggg. I can ostly overlook Inuyasha being as old as he is and Kagome as young as she is bc he was in a coma for 50 years (if its good enough for Sleeping Beauty, its good enough here) but its really hard to overlook that when Sess met Rin was she was 7 and 10 years for him could be an afternoon nap. Idk. I’m a sucker for Rumiko’s stuff, so I’ll be reading it for sure.

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        • Hmm … by the same token, Kagome was only 15 when she met Sesshoumaru. Still very young for the things Sess/Kag shippers clamor for. ::twinkle:: But I think it’s silly to split hairs. I’ll probably always find it romantic when someone with an expansive lifespan happens across a compatible soul … and cherishes them for whatever time they have.

          “You do realize that people like us—if we don’t choose people like us—can’t avoid the whole age difference issue.”
          “But she was one of our kids.” Ash hated himself for even thinking their new principal was interesting.
          “And …?”
          “They don’t usually come back.”
          His friend wrapped his arms around him and chirred soothingly. “You don’t have to be embarrassed. She grew up. You’re allowed to appreciate the person she’s become.”

          —Tamiko and the Two Janitors


          A phoenix’s trust was barely gained before death crept in and a new generation rushed forward. Reavers in their enclave were like waves lapping the shore, barely cresting before sinking away, swift in their succession, an endless backdrop to a peaceful life. But Suuzu had spent enough years on quiet beaches to know that sometimes, a little wave would carry something precious onto the sand.
          Akira was one such treasure.
          It was a miracle Suuzu had found him. Given the swiftness with which humans escalated through adolescence to adulthood, a single delay, a year or two in either direction, and Suuzu’s nestmate would have passed by, lost before he was ever found.

          —Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal


          • :sobs: bringing my beloved Suuzu and Akira into this ;-; Its that weird thing I guess in manga/anime or even hollywood in general where yanno the person is 15, they say it, you see evidence that they are indeed 15, but there is no way a 15 year old would act in that manner (I’m looking at you Archie in Riverdale) and either the voice actor/live action actor is considerably older than 15 so they can get away with depicting stuff that is illegal for actual teens to be doing. I often forget that Kagome is only 18 by the end of the series, but Rin looks and acts like a kid, so I guess the heel turn is harder for me to fathom.

            That said I think I’m more upset about the fact Kagome & Inuyasha weren’t around for their daughter’s life? HOW.


  2. I really truly, honestly hope it’s not sessrin. I really enjoy shipping the father/daughter duo. I also don’t want Sesshomaru to get hitched lol. I want him to be single and live in my fantasy lol. Takahashi sensei really tryna burst some of our bubbles.

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  3. I’ VERY curious to see what is going to happen with this story and who it follows.I THINK the main characters will be Inu/Kagome’s kid, Miroku/Sango’s Kid and I THINK Sess’ kid. I’m not sure yet. The short haired person is wearing clothing that wouldn’t fit the time unless they were from the future? And all of their ears are round and human like. And yes I to am like who did Sess have a kid with if thats true?! I kind of want it to be a new character because that would be interesting but I’m a muliti shipper so lol! I’m excited to see where this goes!


  4. I’m just staring at who I’m assuming is Inuyasha and Kagome’s son, in blue. Because the way he’s dressed makes me think of the Taishou period, which is roughly ~300 years ahead of the Sengoku period. Miss Takahashi, why would you do this to my girl Kagome 😦


  5. Oh wow! The possibilities abound! I know some folks cringe at a SessRin relationship, but really, it’s not much different than a SessKags one. Demons are long lived and that age is a number. Both are young girls. I can’t think of how many period romance novels I’ve read where a girl becomes the ward of some lord, grows up, comes back from boarding school and they fall in love. I really enjoyed seeing which Narato characters got married in Boruto. Some of the match’s were expected, others were a surprise. Hopefully it will be fun.


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