Mood Stripes Art

Color Code. If you haven’t checked out Mood Stripes yet, my apologies for this mild spoiler. Stuff happens, and Sesshoumaru’s stripes begin to reflect his moods. (Yes, he has them.) The catch is, only Kagome can see the shifting shades, but she doesn’t know what they mean. Naturally, she’s determined to figure him out.

•  •  •

She was definitely the only one seeing the color show, but it was also obvious that the others were reacting to it. Certain shades of green brought Shippo running, but oranges sent him scurrying. And Inuyasha mostly grumbled at the oranges, but black turned him silent and solicitous.

Mood Stripes, Ch48 “Connected”

•  •  •

Cheat Sheet. Many (many, many) of you have asked me to provide you with a chart of the colors and their meanings. I think that would be cheating. Especially since the unfolding meanings are pretty much the point of the story. You can always follow Kagome’s lead and reread with a pencil (or colored pencils) in hand.

•  •  •

Color flooded back into his stripes, settling at a shade she’d begun to think of as default-magenta.

Kagome had assumed this meant that Sesshoumaru was feeling more like himself, simply because he looked more like himself.

But what if magenta was just another mood?

No, she had a strong perception that this was the essence of Sesshoumaru-ness.

Magenta was focused, interested, and maybe even a little bit curious.

Mood Stripes, Ch78 “Essential”

•  •  •

However! FoxOfTwilight was willing to bring back an old fandom flame last night, so we have Sesshoumaru art. And I’ll give you six colors that are pretty obvious in context. Kagome’s sure of these, and you can be, too. ::twinkle::

Mood Stripes

•  •  •

Miroku’s words were as flowery as his offering, but Kagome recognized their underlying sincerity. And she suspected Sesshoumaru did as well. His expression remained grave, but his stripes brightened to lemon yellow.

Like silent laughter.

—Mood Stripes, Ch84 “Flowery”

•  •  •

Whole Range. Bear in mind that even within one color scheme there’s a whole range of nuance, depending on the hue and intensity. Take green. We’ve seen it in situations that indicated hunger, nausea, discomfort, distaste, and pain. Not what Kagome would consider one of the good colors.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to map the colors to enjoy the story. Leave that to Kagome. And yep, I’m well aware that readers have trouble keeping up with details that were revealed months (even years) ago. But they’re still there. If you’re at a loss, it may be time for a reread. ::wink::

Mood Stripes begins here >>

6 thoughts on “Mood Stripes Art

  1. 🤣🤣🤣 Sending you both huge hugs! Like I said, I’m good with the flow. If I need an explanation, I’ll just go back and reread (oh my! ❤️).

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  2. This is a great reference. Hue and saturation is soooo important in this fic. Thank you!! I’m one of those that had to reread and go back a couple of chapters to remember what color represented what. I’m still doing my own chart though lol. I’m gonna reread this anyway just for fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sesshoumaru ducked his head, perhaps to hide his expression, but his sleeves were short and exposed his wrist stripes, which blushed a delicate pink.

      Mood Stripes, Ch67 “Crowned”


      (Only the moon crest on his forehead doesn’t change.)

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      • I’m under the impression that the moon crest is something of a “royal birthmark”. The Lady of the West had one also, so I’m of the notion that our dear Sessh inherited it from her. Both Mom and Pop also had singular cheek stripes, and though Sessh has two on each cheek, his are more slender like that of his mom’s. 🙂


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