Fortune Cookie Challenge

Far from Forgotten. Two deadlines and a quarantine caused necessary delays in getting all the details sorted, but I can now announce the prize winners of the Fortune Cookie Challenge. Thank you to everyone who posted personalized fortunes for members of the casts of the Saga & Songs! Luck was with these four, who were selected by the random number generator:

Hisoka, from Honey

Jacques, from Lexie

from Celia_

Kip, from Lynne_


Honey, Lexie, Celia, and Lynne. If you would check in with me at to verify your mailing address, I’d be grateful. And while I’m at it, if anyone else happens to want Signed Copies of any of my books (including the Galleries of Stone trilogy), this would be a good time to place your order. Also, since I’m all for supporting the USPS, let me know if there are any gaps in your swag. ::twinkle::

2 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie Challenge

  1. Congratulations to the winners! They were wonderful and brought a smile. I love Kips fortune. ❤️ Cheers!


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