Fortune Cookie Challenge

Confessions of a Collector. It’s becoming established I collect many things. Those who’ve begun supporting me on Patreon even have photographic evidence. My collections aren’t always big and grand. Sometimes, they’re small and simple … and ride around in my coin purse for months … and have been piling up in a small box for years. Case in point:

Fortune Cookie Challenge

Here’s My Challenge. Fortune cookies can contain predictions, affirmation, proverbs, encouragement, or little reminders of universal truth. Some apply better than others. Here’s your chance to personalize a batch. Write a message to slip into the fortune cookie of any cast member of the Saga & Songs. I’ll collect them here, in comments to this post. And in two months’ time (on March 4, 2020), I’ll toss all your hopes, wishes, and predictions into a hat and draw some winners (and perhaps hand-select some personal favorites) and bestow fabulous (but heretofore unspecified) prizes. You’re allowed multiple entries. Have fun! ::twinkle::


20 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie Challenge

  1. I have two cookie fortunes that I have kept for years. One says, ‘Procrastination is the thief of time.’ The other says, ‘Made in the USA.’
    It’s like they KNOW me…


  2. For Kip: “Get an order to go. You will soon be hungry again.”

    No kidding, I got that exact fortune once! We all laughed and laughed. But it’s especially appropriate for Kip ~~


  3. “What is given is valued less than what is earned.”

    “A penny saved is a terrible saving plan.”

    Or, if you apply the logic of adding either “in bed” or “beneath the sheets” to every fortune to, err, spice them up a bit:

    “What is unpleasant today will be loved tomorrow.”


  4. There’s a Chinese buffet in my area that has the most eclectic fortunes I’ve ever seen. I snapped pictures of them, and never forgot them because they were just off the wall. If any of the cast of the Saga or Songs got these it’d be a funny and confusing sight. (I’m super tempted to turn the fortunes I took pics of into memes for this contest so others could see but I’d have to email them or something, which I don’t mind doing haha).

    I can see Quen snapping open a cookie that reads: “In order to discover who you are, first learn who everybody else is. You’re what’s left.” (Quen: ???)

    And I can see Gingko excitedly opening a fortune cookie, but it reads: “Ignore previous cookie.” Suddenly Gingko has to rethink every fortune cookie he’s ever eaten…

    (These are ACTUAL fortunes I’ve gotten different times at the same resturant, haha).

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  6. All are from real fortunes!
    Kimiko (Prior to the accidental proposal): Your natural charm will attract someone special
    Melissa: Don’t wait for success, start ahead without it
    Charles Cooper: Others appreciate you more than you think
    Hisoka-Sensei: Good luck is the result of good planning

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  7. I’ve got one once and I took a picture because I wanted to keep it with me 🙂

    “Look for the dream that keeps coming back. It is your destiny”


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  9. I’ll never forget the time I stopped at a Chinese restaurant in the mall and my fortune read, “You will go shopping.”


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  11. For Suzu – Good things come to those who wait.

    For Akira – Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched. But if you must, count them twice.

    So much fun to read the submissions here! 🙂


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  13. For Akira: A blind man is not always a man who cannot see, but a man who refuses to see what is right before him. / A man who refuses to see what is before him is as blind as the man who cannot see at all.

    For Suuzu: Even words you do not want to be told can be spoken sincerely.

    For Hisoka: Sometimes, those who speak the least have the most to say.
    For Hisoka: A wise man knows the importance of occasional silliness.


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