Playing with Food

Game Night. We’ve always been a board/card game kind of family at 4thy’s house. Mr. Right and I have amassed quiet a collection over the years, so we’re well-equipped for long stretches at home. I thought I’d recommend two that are relatively new to our stash. Both are sushi-related!

Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar. Gorgeous art and a chance to add to your language savvy, demystifying the menu at any authentic sushi restaurant. This is simply a Concentration-style matching game. Begin with all cards face down, and turn over two in the hopes of matching up two halves of the same sushi ingredient. Names are given in both Japanese and English. Did I mention the pretty?

Sushi Go

Sushi Go! Quite possibly the cutest game ever. Choose one item from the hand you’re dealt, then pass it along. (It’s conveyor belt sushi, folks!) With each turn, your options diminish. Points vary by sushi type. Risks can bring reward. And never skip dessert. Our family played this like crazy during the holidays. Chibi adorability & low-key strategy. It’s fun!

Thanks for asking. All’s well here.
Everybody staying safe?

One thought on “Playing with Food

  1. Glad you’re all well! I love the artwork of both games. We’re playing vintage and new Nintendo console games, plus Farkle (addictive dice game) and Flinch (card game). Also baking, reading, watching movies and walking the dogs, since the weather has been pretty nice. I’m making reusable face masks for family, friends and neighbors from a simple pattern found on craftpassiondotcom. Choosing fun fabrics makes wearing one more palatable.
    Not waiting for Easter to color eggs either, lol! Stay home, stay safe!


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