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Mikoto and the Reaver Village. I’m very busy behind the scenes getting out both Songs #4 and Saga #4. Since teasers are fun, I thought I’d spur on your anticipation with a poll. If you can’t vote because you don’t have Twitter, speak up in comments. ::twinkle::

Twitter Poll, Bk4 Teaser

@ForthWrites on Twitter >>

**NOTE** I’ll do official cover reveals w/ full summaries here on the blog once I’m ready to make these books available for pre-order. (Soon!)

8 thoughts on “Twitter Poll

  1. So pleased to learn Songs #4 and Saga #4 will both be available soon! Eye issues make digital reading unpleasant for me, so I’ve been trying to wait patiently for you to release your collected Songs in print, and am eagerly anticipating Saga #4 (also in print).

    Since I haven’t read the Songs and there’s precedent in Comments, I’m going to vote for *both* Gingko and Roo-nii 😉

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    • Fortunately, the anthology will release *before* Bk4, so you’ll have time to soak up the prequel before the Saga offers our return to Wardenclave. ::twinkle::


      • Oh, excellent! You just made my day! Thank you. I’ve been compulsively re-reading the whole series for a couple of months now because I enjoy it so much. Each time, I pick up something new.

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