Four Favorites: Anime Categories

I watch a lot of anime. Probably not a shock, right? It’s the whole reason I’m even around. My first forays into fiction writing were in an anime fandom. But my whole world doesn’t revolve around InuYasha. I’ve watched scores of anime across a wide variety of genres. People sometimes ask me for recommendations, which I find difficult. I mean, I can’t just say, “You’ll love this!” because I did. Expectations vary. As do tastes.

This year, one of my little resolutions is to talk more about the anime I watch (and the manga I read). So I’ll do blog posts now and then to chat about personal favorites. And since it’s as good a starting point as any, let’s talk genre. Most people have a favorite or two. It’s the kind of story we like best. A category. Like action, romcom, or psychological suspense.

Forthy’s Favorite Anime Categories:

  1. Supernatural / Paranormal – usually in anime, this involves humans interacting with youkai. But it could be aliens, gods, vampires, angels, or any kind of magical or mythical beast. I do love me some encounters with something or someone who is other. ::cough:: Amaranthine ::cough::
  2. Slice of Life – there’s a lot of variety here, with sub-genres galore. I especially enjoy stories set in small towns. And recently, there have been a lot of cooking/restaurant based stories, which appeal to me.
  3. Sports – kind of an odd favorite, but I’ve figured out the personal appeal. I adore all aspects of team building and team dynamics. It’s becoming and belonging. It’s shared goals and mutual support. It’s rivalry without villainy.
  4. Light Romance – I love a thread of romance in a storyline, especially when it unfolds without hurrying. My favorites usually keep it simple or subtle. Sometimes, I’m just shipping (or alt. shipping) hard from the sidelines.

Some people find it easier to pinpoint what they don’t like, which is also super helpful when I’m trying to come up with recommendations. If you have magic girls or mecha on perma-ban, that narrows the field. So let’s look at my own flipside. These are genres that I (usually) cannot watch:

Anime Categories I Simply Cannot Watch:

  1. Horror – while I like mystery and suspense, I’m not a fan of straight-up horror.
  2. Gag – I like situational comedy, but shows that rely on running gags usually pall for me. (Translation: I get bored by the pointlessness.) There are exceptions, but I’ll save examples for future blog posts.
  3. Harem – when the main character begins accumulating multiple admirers (usually one of every character type) who jealously vie for his attention/affections, my interest levels plummet. Which proves I have a blatant double standard, because I do like certain reverse harems.
  4. Shinsengumi – yes, they have their own category. Early in my forays into anime, I didn’t realize that stories about these guys ALWAYS end the same way. Three times, in three different anime, they broke my heart, but I’ve learned. I don’t usually like historical, political, or tragical plots. Forthy’s not a fan of sad stories.

More posts to come in the weeks ahead, highlighting my favorite anime by category or by theme. Especially the genres that interest me … and maybe you!

How about you? What are your likes and dislikes?

5 thoughts on “Four Favorites: Anime Categories

  1. Funny how I was just talking to someone about anime stuff just this week. I got my anime start with the classics like Sailor Moon, DBZ, Pokemon, and Cowboy Bebop. I always tell people that haven’t seen or gotten into anime that the platform is so HUGE that I think there’s at least something out there for everyone if you look. :3

    Four favorite categories of Anime I like to watch:
    1. Big Giant Robots (Robotech, Gundam)
    2. High Fantasy (Slayers, Record of Lodoss War)
    3. Comedy (I love slapstick, especially – Ouran HSHC, Dragon Half, Jellyfish Princess)
    4. Happy Endings and often light-hearted stuff (Kiki’s Delivery Service, Howl’s Moving Castle)

    Anime I don’t particularly like to watch:
    1. Sad or tragic endings
    2. Perverted anime
    3. Horror

    Honorable mention goes to the fact that a lot of this stuff blurs the lines into other genres, like sci-fi, adventure, etc. Even some of the ones I really like, I might not have finished for one reason or another, but they hold a special place in my heart (Rurouni Kenshin, One Piece, Yona of the Dawn, etc.)

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  2. I’m finding Isekai is one of my favorite genres. Ascendance of a Bookworm being an absolute favorite of mine.

    My other absolute favorite is Snow White with red hair.

    I love ghost hunt, blue seed, log horizon, Sao, overlord, how not to summon a demon lord, in another world with my smartphone.

    I also love hellsing, escaflowne, Inuyasha, fma and brotherhood, seven deadly sins, sgt. Frog. I could go on for a long time.

    Love much of the old school anime like witch hunter robin, figure 17, cyber city oedo, bio hunter, demon city shinjuku.

    I’m into fan service for its sake. If it’s a gag that doesn’t happen too often okay, but every five seconds not my thing.


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