9 thoughts on “Describe Yourself…

  1. Alpha Valentin Nikolaev (Silver Silence)

    Daemon SaDiablo (The Black Jewels Trillogy)

    Satou (Death March Isekai)


  2. For the sake of the fact we all know I’m a book dragon, here’s my others:
    – Katie (The Girl With the Silver Eyes)
    – Nancy (Every Heart a Doorway)
    – Yamato Nikaido (IDOLiSH7)


  3. Tony Stark (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
    Shimura Danzo (Naruto)
    Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

    -deadpan- at least the common thread is intelligence.


  4. Had to think about that one for a bit…and enlist my husband for help, because he always compares me to fictional characters. So here’s my list:
    Sophia (from Howls Moving Castle)
    Eowyn (The Lord of the Rings)
    and my very favorite (because I have been known to cosplay her)
    River Song (Doctor Who)


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