Jackie and Bon-Bon

Jacques Smythe of the Uppington Smythes. In my mind, he barely resembles the character from Impeccable who shares his name, but since readers sometimes like knowing “behind the scenes” details, here’s something that even many of my fandom readers didn’t pick up on. In InuYasha, there’s a group of villains known as the Band of Seven.

Bankotsu and Jakotsu

Jakotsu & Bankotsu from InuYasha

In Impeccable, members of the Band of Seven were “cleverly” disguised among the Smythe relations (some of whom had the surname Kotsu). Doctor Stewart “Stewie” Smythe (Suikotsu) and brothers Boniface (Bankotsu) and Jacques (Jakotsu) carried their basic roles from my fanfic into Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox, where they claimed new lives with new meaning.

Especially Jacques.

• • •

But the one at the door had no reaver sense. Argent seriously doubted he had any sense at all.

Jacques Smythe executed a precise little bow. “Welcome home, honored master.”

“Still here?”

“Well spotted, sir.” The young man’s gaze swept over his attire, his face. Admiration seemed at war with simple awe. “Is that the Amaranthine equivalent of formal wear?”

“These are my clan’s colors.” Argent studied the silvered tips of his claws. There had been little time to change before their hasty departure. And Twineshaft had encouraged him to retain his finery. For Tsumiko’s sake.

Jacques mouth worked for several moments, as if sifting past all the flippant, flirtatious things he might usually to say. Lowering his eyes, he earnestly declared, “Truly sir, you are a tribute to Stately House.”

Someone had been coaching him in diplomacy. And Jacques was actually applying it? At this early hour? And in a very different sort of formal attire. Argent was almost afraid to ask. “What are you playing at?”

Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox (Amaranthine Saga, #1)

• • •

Lord Mettlebright’s Man will be resuming today. The story is set immediately after the events of Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox. Updates will be daily. Prompts for September are selected, but you can always add to my options for future installments. Prompt Post! For now, it’s posting exclusively here, on the blog. (If the Amaranthine Saga ever shows up on fanfiction.net, I’ll add LMM in a hot second.) In the meantime, if you need to refresh your memory, Jacques’ story STARTS HERE >>

One thought on “Jackie and Bon-Bon

  1. Squee!! I always loved Jakotsu in Inuyasha , yeah perverse..I know. LOL Since I read a lot of fan fiction, I have found that many authors love to treat him as Kagome’s best friend, which is so much fun. Probably one of the reasons I took to Jacques so easily. I’m glad to see more of him.


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