Prompt Me, Please!

Smythe. Jacques Smythe. I have the teensiest smidge of wiggle room in my current writing schedule, so I’m going to be adding a 100-word slot to my day. My goal is to have new chapters ready for you in September. (No promises, but that’s the plan.) With that in mind, I’ve been scanning my current list of prompts. And I’d like MOAR. And I’m especially looking for short phrases. Drop a few onto the prompt post, please?

Lord Mettlebright’s Man

Amaranthine Serial, Lord Mettlebright's Man by FORTHRIGHT

7 thoughts on “Prompt Me, Please!

  1. One always gets chinchillas in pairs
    Sequins have their place
    Want to know what I wear under my uniform
    Flirting with a dragon is exciting
    I’m the butler, everything surprises me
    The English invented tedious fun


  2. “Procrastination is the greatest labor saving invention of all time” (this is a quote from a former boss’ office)
    “If you want to be criticized, marry” (Irish saying)
    “I enjoy getting presents from strange men.” (Miss Scarlet, CLUE movie)


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