ART: Tami Reaverson

The Third Miko. Tamiko and the Two Janitors, the third book in the Amaranthine Saga, introduces everyone to Principal Tami Reaverson, who has big plans for her small town.

• • •

“How was the conference?”

Tami’s heart skipped with nervous excitement. “Amazing. And intense. We had classes from morning to night, but they were all so interesting. And I was able to meet real Amaranthine!”

“Look at you, snubbing the slang!”

“Our first lessons were in etiquette.” Tami shook her head. “Everyone’s always saying Rivven, even on the news. Most of the attendees didn’t even know there was a proper term.”

“But they set you straight?”

“Kindly.” She patted her satchel. “I brought back so much literature, and some of the information packets are thick as dictionaries. Even if we’re not selected, I’m going to read it all.”

Tamiko and the Two Janitors (Amaranthine Saga, #3)

• • •

Happily, FoxOfTwilight found the time to give us a portrait of Miss Reaverson. ::twinkle::

Tamiko by FoxOfTwilight

If you’re enjoying the story, I’ll just remind you to refrain from spoilers here. There’s a place for those. Go on over to the Squee Post and cut loose! ::twinkle::


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