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Tamiko and the Two Janitors. If you need a place to react, confer, or kick up a fuss, this is the spot. I’ll enjoy your enthusiasm, I might be willing to clarify small points, but I reserve the right to evade questions that will be answered later in the series. ::twinkle::


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    • Also, I caught some clues about whose-who when I googled words I didn’t know, but this book is full of surprises! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone…just want to express my deepest appreciation for the story so far. Thanks, Forthy!

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  2. I hope my copy gets here today…I live out in the country in Louisiana. My husband has surgery tomorrow (minor) and I need something wonderful to read while I’m waiting! I may have to download it too. So impatient! LOL

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  4. HISOKA YOU SLY CAT. (for real though Hisoka is too sly for his own good). My very happy joy at seeing Suuzu mentioned and then the Royal Wedding-esque enjoyment folk are getting from Kimiko & Quen’s courtship…gosh :misty-eyed:

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  5. Spoil me please, I haven’t got my copy yet and I’m curious to know if there’s some development in “Akira’s hatching”, “Kyrie’s bloodline”, or “The trees” storylines.
    P.S: More than yes/ no answers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance ♡

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  6. I am in love with this book! As always I couldn’t put it down 🤩🤩🤩 I also can’t decide on a favourite character when I love them all ❤️

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  7. I need Akira to get a seed or I’ll cry forever! I’m so excited for a grove! Love seeing characters from other books… I feel like I need to read it again tomorrow!

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    • Maybe Akira’s seed is somehow inside him, but it hasn’t hatched yet? That’s my “egg theory” (not-so-secret wish now)


  8. Yes, I just finished this in under a day. Yes, I came completely apart when I saw Froth inserts GOD BLESS YOU.

    And it took me a full two minutes to put together the mini summary with the cover and understand who’s coming next I’M SO FREAKING PSYCHED GOD HELP ME. QAQ

    I ship JoeKip really hard. Really freaking hard. I can’t. Just. FEELS. HALP. //deadAF

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    • Honestly I think Kip would be better with Jacques than Joe. Joe needs friendship not romance and Kip is grieving over Ash. It would also be cool to see a tending relationship stay a friendship rather than turn to a bondmate situation with a beacon.


  9. FINALLY MADE IT even though work conspired to keep me from finishing!! Loved it so much!! All the little snips and dollops and asides about previous characters and events and locations was SO much fun! It’s amazing how you answer questions while at the same time the plot ABSOLUTELY thickens… It’s ALSO amazing how you somehow make myriad characters that I fall in love with. The fact that you have SO many important characters to the story and the fact that I can keep all of them straight attests to your godly ability to create and fully flesh-out every single one of them. It’s bittersweet that that initial read through is already completed, but I’m excited for the inevitable re-reads and the stories that are to come!! Congratulations of another absolute success and joy! ❤️

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  10. Omg I feel like we’re getting two stories for the price of one! I looove Froth and I’m happy some of it’s ideas we’re added to this book ❤

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  11. I am in heaven! So many little throwbacks to the previous novels and stories! Froth, the janitors, the apple farm. I LOVE how you are intertwining the stories and keeping us informed on their stories too. I love these characters. This is just beyond wonderful! I could barely contain myself reading this! Sigh…and I’m just about 25% in.

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    • Where can I read these previous stories? I poked around the website but didn’t find them. I’ve just finished back-to-back readings of Tamiko and the Two Janitors and the saga just keeps getting better. I’d really like to read more in this world — help?


  12. I just finished book 3, and I can’t even process it properly right now, and I really need a moment (in the best way possible!!). I’ve loved your style of world building for so long, and like many others that have had the privilege of reading your work (whether it’s ff or original), I end up revisiting this world that you’ve created so many times because it has become this safe haven that I can’t help but keep close to my heart. This recent release is no different.

    I absolutely squealed with joy with each allusion towards your old fics, and how you made the connections between previous books in the series. I was bouncing in my seat waiting for the Nightspangle boys and Boon’s mention, and I was not disappointed when their moments came and how it all tied in. Of course I fell in love with each and every new character you introduced, to the point that if I were to list them all down I’d just be listing everyone down. However, Kinloo, Biddie, and Joe hold such a special place in my heart that I have to take a seat because they’re just so preciouuuussss. I also adore how you’re able to execute a cliff hanger without the absolute pain cliff hangers usually produce (speaking of which–BEST CLIFF HANGER EVERRRRRR). Every time I get to the end of one of your books, I’m excited and just a little bit sad, but I feel like you’ve left us with a warm hug that’ll hold us over until the next time we visit the Amaranthine world. I can’t wait until the audio book releases so I can listen to Tamiko during my morning commute. I also can’t wait to see what else is in store for the Amaranthine world. Ugh, I have all the warm fuzzies, and I’m in such a good mood that I can’t even get my mind right in my own comment (sorry for the rambles!).

    Overall, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful world, and I personally am so grateful to you for creating this safe place for many others and myself to come back to on some of the worst days. If I could I would just keep rambling, so I’m just going to end it here….and go read book 3 again 😀 Wishing you all the goodness in the world because you deserve it!

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  13. I loved it ♡ and I’ve got Questions (note the capital Q, but I’ll just add a few):
    – How long does it usually take for a twin tree to be born? I didn’t understand the “time gap” between Tamiko and Lisbet herself. If Biddie was meant to be paired up with Lisbet, why did she not appear sooner?
    – Is Jiminy from the “Reaver Village” featured in Mikoto’s title? (Easter egg for the next book :wink, wink: )
    – If Joe and Tamiko are (somehow) part of the Hajime bloodline, does it mean Tsumiko is also a descendant of Auriel? And Hisoka?… Hell of a cliffhanger by the way 😆

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  15. Really enjoyed the latest installment in the Amaranthine saga. Weaving in elements from both Unexpected and Froth was great. I also enjoyed the character cameos from the first two books in the series.

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  16. I read through twice, and feel like I missed out on a whole other book somewhere! Jacques finding a niche, Tenma traveling around and maybe healing Broken (are there that many?). Just followed the web link at the end of the book to find out where I can read the things I missed!

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  17. Getting through Tamiko has just left me more excited for Mikoto (faint heart influence?!)!!! I really appreciated the self awareness that Tamiko has to check in with Ash about the fact that he would end up being the spokeswife (looking forward to updates on their courtship) part of their couple. I’m curious how many other third twins there have been. Also ever since we learned about the bottle a curious someone opened I’ve been hoping we’d get more on wind taming!!! Glad we might be getting it through some American folk tales.

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  18. While I am once again in love with the latest Amaranthine novel and all the characters both known and newly introduced, I must say that Melissa and Jiminy struck a chord with me – one I wasn’t expecting yet am delighted to recognize. After recently reading Froth for the first time (how did I miss it?!), I went back to read Tamiko and the Two Janitors again. The byplay and trust-building of a battler-class reaver and a ward raised by wolves enlightened me to an important truth: When words can’t say it, even with postures and touch, the soul and the sharing of it covers all.

    Amazing doesn’t even begin to cover what the gift of your storytelling brings to the imagination. Your world of Amaranthine, reavers and humans is rich, detailed, thought-provoking and both awe- and “Awww!”-inducing. You are a true master of evoking a wide range of feelings in your stories, and I couldn’t be more thankful for every Forthy tale I devour and enjoy and reread over and over and over again. Short of being able to claim friendship with characters from all of your works – both fan fiction and published – I can erase a day of being frazzled by work or feeling lonely just by immersing myself in the worlds you’ve created. For that, I’m not sure if my warmest, deepest thanks will ever be enough, but I give it to you just the same.

    Clever wording. Proper pacing. Storylines and character development that engage, engross and endure. All this and more are found in what you write, and for that you have a lifelong loyal reader and fan. (And the fact that you pulled a kind of “Hisoka” in making my Inuyasha-verse OTP subtly and seamlessly change from Inuyasha and Kagome to Sesshoumaru and Kagome simply adds to my admiration!)

    Write on, Forthy m’dear. Write on. *salutes*

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  19. Sigh! Just finished Tamiko and the two Janitors. I really loved being back in this world. This was such fun. All the intertwined characters and places made it even nicer. Quite a few surprises and still more mysteries to come. Hisoka is keeping his cards close, as always. He is playing the long game and keeping everyone safe. I really loved the courtships of Tamiko and Melissa. Made me smile through it all. Time to reread.

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      • Always grateful for sharp-eyed readers. We’ve flagged a few others, as well, and will upload edits by and by. In the future, feel free to email me a list of all your findings. It’s much easier for me when the notes don’t come scattershot. ::twinkle::


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  21. I am confused by the Junzi. They are an (undisclosed?) enclave, they make wonderful chocolate, they are (secretly) tanuki, but at the end of Book 3 when Hisoka and Harmonious stage their talk for Jiro’s benefit, they are a risk? (Or maybe at risk?)

    Am I confusing two types of creatures? Or is that an as-yet-undeveloped plot point and I should wait patiently for events to reveal the meaning?


    • Okay, I’m willing to sum up here.

      Junzi is Kimiko’s favorite brand of chocolate. Which is very likely named after the Junzi, the traditional name for four plants prominently featured in classical art, each representing the four seasons. They’re sometimes referred to as “The Four Gentlemen.” (Go ahead and Google it. It’s a thing.) However, we learn from Hisoka & Co. that there is another, legendary Junzi that’s exclusive to the In-between. The name is also very likely a classical allusion. All very lovely. But the dragon clans refer to these Junzi as “The Four Storms.” For reasons.

      By the end of Bk3, you’ve “met” two of them.

      So there. ::twinkle::


      • Thank you. I’m working hard to catch up with the cultural background, but it really helps to know what I’m looking for! Any story is enriched by knowledge of its frame, and yours are so layered with nuances of traditional and popular culture that it’s practically imperative.


  22. I just finished reading. I’ve been super sick so it took a while for me to get at it. I have a lot to say and a lot of questions to which I may or may not do here because I don’t want to spam the place up LOL I I really love this world that’s being created. My only rant/criticize is I would have liked to have seen more time with the couples getting to know each other and falling in love. It seemed to happen very fast and it almost couldn’t get into them because of the speed. It felt like a bit was left out in that. However I’m not poopooing on the book. That’s honestly just a me thing! Other than that I really enjoyed the book! Again I super love the world building and the characters. I love seeing how and where the over all plot is going! I can’t WAIT to read the next one! I think I’ll wait to ask questions because I need to reread the other books again. The one question I think I will ask though is….Was that a hint at The Kissing Bandit at the end there?!?! *leans it*


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