Coming Soon

Only a week remains before the release of the next short story in the Songs of the Amaranthine collection. I’ve made my final tweaks to Followed by Thunder, and I’m pleased. (This is a good sign.) Who’s ready for some horse culture? ::twinkle::

How long is this story?
This one’s a touch longer than Marked by Stars, coming in at 25,000~ words, which I find to be a pleasant afternoon’s (or evening’s) read.

Does Followed by Thunder follow the events of Marked by Stars?
No. Each of the stories in the Songs of the Amaranthine collection can stand alone. You may find connections though. They’re usually there. In fact, the setting for Followed by Thunder is alluded to in Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox (Amaranthine Saga, #1). Oh, look! Here’s the excerpt now…

Songs 02, opening quote

Will these short stories be available in print?
Indeed! The plan is to collect four of these short stories (4thy does love her 4s) into an anthology, which will be available in a print edition. They’ll have the same trim size as the main series, so Saga & Songs will look nice together on your bookshelves. ::wink::

Where will Followed by Thunder be available for purchase?
Everywhere books are sold, so check your usual virtual venues. If you’re the Kindle variety of reader, pre-order is available now on Amazon. Those who read on other platforms should see Followed by Thunder coming available by release day, which is …

May 4, 2019
May the forth be with you!

Songs of the Amaranthine 02, Followed by Thunder by FORTHRIGHT

One sister, a pure light that beckons, the other, a fierce light that burns. Fira and her sister are chased out of another village. Fleeing on foot across the empty moors, they’re caught by a storm that roars like the monsters ever in pursuit. But the wind changes and the thundering brings a stampede of defenders who carry them off to a secret place. Where mares dance and rabbits mine. Where the lost clans hid a lasting treasure. Where the girls’ curse is considered a blessing.

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