That moment when…

…I type “reaver village.” And stop. And have to actually think. And sheepishly backspace so I can type “slayer village.” Because worlds *will* collide.

8 thoughts on “That moment when…

  1. Oh happens to me all the time! I wonder: is this a new story or will we visit the slayer village in Mood Stripes? I have a faint memory of reading about it a few weeks ago.


  2. Such are the perils of a fan fiction writer.
    I secretly think that, one day, you *will* blend all of your stories together in one mash-up… because why not?
    Must be that darn Bone Eater’s Well! 😛


  3. I live how you worry about this. Where is a good place to randomly review it comment about the AS until I can write a review on Amazon? There are just some moments that I want to stop, take a breath and then profusely say Thank You for such a wonderful story. Don’t know if I’ll review in time for the deadline but I will review. I live this more with each passing page.


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