Photo Challenge Winners!

The envelope, please. Thank you to everyone who participated in the photo challenge. There was a rush to the finish, so I have a bunch of new snapshots to share over the summer months. What fun! But I know you’re all waiting to find out who has sparkling nibs in their near future. So without further ado…

toblerone231, a.k.a. iNuQTpIe
(some of you have more pen names than I do!)



Again, thank you! And don’t forget there’s another chance at a set of those twinkle pens if you take part in the ongoing Review Challenge (ends 6/4). Be sure to let me know you want to be in the running. (Not all of us are as all-knowing as Hisoka-sensei.) Even a short review helps bolster my numbers in the mythic algorithm that rules over an author’s relative obscurity. And … sparkling nibs! ::twinkle::

Twinkle Pen Prizes 2

11 thoughts on “Photo Challenge Winners!

    • Everyone who sent in a photo gave permission for me to post, so the photos will crop up in weeks to come.

      **In case there’s any confusion, the winners were drawn at random from everyone who submitted an entry, not because they were … erm … more photogenic than the others.


  1. Congratulations to the winners. I want to enter the review but I don’t want to rush the story. It’s so delicious, I want to savor every word.


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