The Five – Chibi Editions

Known and Loved (yet New). Hisoka-sensei steps into a central role in the Amaranthine Saga as a member of the Five and orchestrator of the Emergence.  In many ways, he’s the same Sensei from Unspoiled. But he’s not. Not really. His role and responsibilities have changed, as have his history, his familial obligations, and the objects of his affections.

Hisoka Twineshaft by FoxOfTwilight

Hisoka Twineshaft by FoxOfTwilight


4 thoughts on “The Five – Chibi Editions

  1. Sensei will always hold a special place in my heart, what with his loyal, heartwarming, wonderful ways in Unspoiled!!! So happy to have him back in another setting. Hopefully (I feel like I should say undoubtably!) we will see him in the coming novels!! ❤️ (#hisokasenseiislife)

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