The Five – Chibi Editions

Of all the Amaranthine clans, the showiest are probably the dragons. They have a certain grandeur in both appearance and attitude. And it’s safe to say they’re not afraid of color. Or bling. Among the Five, the spokesperson for the dragon clans is Lapis Mossberne.

Chibi, Lord Lapis by FoxOfTwilight

Lapis Mossberne by FoxOfTwilight

6 thoughts on “The Five – Chibi Editions

  1. Lapis… a neutral name? Since I don’t have the book (yet), I cannot know if Lapis is a Lady or a Lord. 😛
    At the same time, I recall from reading your stories of past days, that you sometimes will keep your readers guessing on the fixed gender of characters. Though in a good way. 😉
    Going by the other comments here of Lapis being a *lord*, it’s safe to say that he is indeed male.

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