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Ask Forthy. You have questions, and I know how to dodge them. But there’s a decent chance I’ll answer them. Or you could address yourselves to the cast. (They might cooperate.) You can ask as many questions as you like. My only request is that you don’t pack two dozen questions into one comment. One or two related questions per comment will keep the threads from tangling.


**Forthy doesn’t believe in author-spoilers, so you’re safe from me, but some of you are pretty durn smart. Questions, speculations, and predictions might be spot on (because I foreshadow like whoa). And naturally, all comments in the following threads will be spoilery for those who haven’t yet read Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox.  Hence the dutiful warning.

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  1. Was it always your intention to turn this story into an original book? I know that it is noticeably different from the fanfiction it was ‘based on’, but when did you take that step to create a story all your own?

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    • Nope, I didn’t plan quite that far ahead. I concocted the Amaranthine Saga a little over a year ago, pulling in some of my favorite elements from fics (especially those set in an AU) and with small nods to canon. For instance, I named the reavers after Inuyasha’s famous (dub) battle cry, “Iron reaver, soul stealer!” The whole concept quickly grew on me. So I built a brand new world for you.

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    • Well, if we’re talking canon, as in Rumiko Takehashi’s InuYasha, then my top three would have to be:

      Miroku (Who can resist an amorous, mercenary monk?)
      Inuyasha (Maybe it’s the ears? I have a weakness for gruff softies.)
      Kagome (Thinking the best, doing her best. Wonderful combination of courage and cheer.)

      But if we’re talking about head canon, as in the cast as I’ve come to know them, my answers shift slightly. And it’s harder to narrow the field to three:

      Miroku (especially when tossed together with Sesshoumaru, as in Tolerable and Vassal)
      Sesshoumaru (Unspoiled edition, please)
      SessMom (Lord Charming edition, hands down)
      adult!Shippo (every version, always)
      Inuyasha (especially when he’s being the brother Sesshoumaru needs, like in Mood Stripes)

      So you know. I tend to pick favorites based on which characters I have the most fun writing.

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  2. At this point I am half way through T&ES and loving it (the elements from the fic it is ‘based on’ are nice touchstones, but it is definitely different enough to keep me engaged and guessing). My question is: Will the characters from this story be making appearances in future books of the saga? Either as secondary/ mentions or as a continuation of this? Sorry for the awkward wording, but I was trying not to make it sound like I was asking for spoilers.

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  3. How do you juggle writing this series, fan fiction, and a job?

    Ps. the first fanfic of yours that I fell in love with was Unexpected and I’ve read it several times over since then.

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    • Aww, I’m glad you’re so fond of Unexpected. That’s nice to hear. ::glomp::

      How do I juggle? Maybe not perfectly, but certainly tenaciously! Some days, I’m OP, making progress on all fronts like a Boss. Some days, I can only finish One Thing, and everything else slides, and I feel guilty. Some days, I sneak away from my keyboard and binge-read manga or mysteries.

      For the most part, I owe my productivity to daily habits. Up early. Unplug when necessary. Stay positive. Stay in the moment (finish the story one scene at a time). Keep notebooks handy. Go for walks. Employ word sprints and word crawls. Breathe deeply. Take naps. Have fun!

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  4. When Tsumiko has her ‘fox dream’ with Argent, he seems to have no knowledge of it occurring, even though he was in it. He say’s they’ll discuss it later. Are we ever going to find out why he doesn’t remember it?

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    • Dreams often fade upon waking. I suppose the simplest explanation is that Tsumiko was in conversation with Argent’s subconscious self, the free fox buried under the weight of so many bonds.

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    • It’s been said that every writer is the product of all the books they’ve ever read. I read a lot, so it’s hard to pinpoint a single author as an influence. Maybe it’s better to say I know what I like, and my taste in stories has influenced my storytelling. We tell the story we want to read.

      I “found my voice” in fandom, and I’m true to that voice no matter what penname I use.


  5. I was fascinated by Suuzu and Akira and the interesting hints dropped in in the first book. Will those hints be expanded on in the second, since they’re returning characters? (the mysterious egg, their relationship, etc)

    Likewise, will we hear more about the horse clans?

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  6. I don’t have a question at the moment, but I wanted to come say I love you AND your stories. I shall stew on questions that don’t draw forth spoilers.. AND I SHALL RETURN.

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  7. Ok, so I’m here. Time to revisit all those questions from before. There’s going to be a lot…

    1- The expansion of Hisoka-sensei’s character as well, as he now isn’t just a fluffy teacher that is like a older brother to Kagome, but a cunning and mysterious prophet that always seems to be a step ahead. I wonder if that is something exclusive to the Amaranthine universe, or something that was just never shown in Unspoiled.

    2- Are Akira and Suuzu a ship, or platonic nestmates? I’m getting the feel that is the latter, but just to be sure.

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    • 1. In Unspoiled, Hisoka is recognized as the spokesperson for youkai in the modern era. He causes quite a stir when he takes a leave of absence in order to go back to teaching/tutoring Kagome through high school. And I seem to remember a line about the good sensei’s success in conquering the world, only because he didn’t want it for himself.

      In the Amaranthine Saga, Hisoka Twineshaft is a different person because of the change in race, rules, circumstances, history, cultural expectations, etc. So while the essence is the same, beware of assuming he’s the same neko-youkai from my fanfic.

      2. Oooh, my first shipping question!

      …who can say? Maybe there’s more than two ways about it.


  8. 3- Will Lapis get a family? I feel so bad, he’s such a lonely boi.

    4- Will we ever find out who Kyrie’s real dad is? Or what happened to him?

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    • Let’s answer these with some basic rules of thumb about my storytelling:

      If it seems important, it’s probably important. If it doesn’t seem important, it might be even more important. If it piques your curiosity, I’m definitely interested, too. If I raise a question, I usually answer it. And if I bring something up, it’s not for no reason.


  9. 5- Jacques is a butler now…Do you think he’ll grow out of liking Argent or will he always like him? Because he’s taken, but I feel like he would still flirt with him to just annoy him, regardless of whether or not he still has feelings for him.

    6- Will we ever know the stories of Soriel of the dawning or Auriel of the Golden Seed? (Which I am assuming is somehow related to the Golden Seed mentioned during the Amaranthine tree lesson?)

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  10. 7- Speaking of Tree Amaranthine, is Bokuseno an InuYasha equivalent? Would he be able to do the same, if you were ever to write a story with him?

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    • So, so, SO many!

      Sango and Kohaku. Sesshoumaru and Rin. Inuyasha and Miroku. Kagome and Souta. Sango and Kirara. Jaken and Sesshoumaru. Izayoi and Inuyasha. Totosai and InuPapa. Sesshoumaru and Kohaku. Kikyou and Kaede. Mrs. Higurashi and Inuyasha. Kouga and Ginta & Hakkaku. Kagome and Jinenji. Hojo and Grandpa Higurashi. Miroku and Hachi. Sesshoumaru and Bokuseno. Jaken and Rin. Inuyasha and Myouga. Kouga and Sesshoumaru. Inuyasha and Shiori. Shippo and Kagome. Sesshoumaru and Ah-Un.

      …and others. But you get the general idea.


  11. I’m so glad to see that you definitely have more of a background story for Hisoka. I’m curious if his story will be sprinkled throughout the series, or will we all get to see our favorite feline as the leading man in his own book?

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  12. 1. Will there be allusions throughout the saga to Christian themes? (I ask this realizing that Tsumiko would have that perspective, but that not every heroine will have had her upbringing.)

    2. There were two times Argent kissed her after his ban (one on the temple, and one to initiate a tending). Did the bond punish him for those, or did he make loopholes?

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    • 1. Tsumiko is a Christian, and that certainly influenced her perspective on matters. But the titular characters in the series come from all over and from diverse backgrounds. Expect new themes.

      2. Argent is a past master of fudging his boundaries. For instance, a simple brush of lips might not “count” if he doesn’t pucker … or if he interprets a kiss as lips touching, then her temple is fair game. And if he were to offer his lips, but Tsumiko initiates the kiss, he’s simply obliging his lady.

      …I’m so deep into Kimiko, my recollection of those scenes is getting fuzzy. If I manage a reread (instead of “Ever onward!”), I’ll keep an eye out for contradictions and continuity.


  13. LOL I have many questions but I’ll have to actually take time to set them up. Although I think some of them will have to wait because I believe they’ll be answered in the next book. Also I should just tell you so many head cannons I have of the first book LOL SO MANY!!


  14. My question is late, but it popped into my head while I was sleeping and then kept me awake as I churned it over like ice cream!
    Birds are descended from dinosaurs. Does this make the bird clans and reptilian clans natural allies? This would explain the particular protectiveness I felt was exhibited when Suuzu first held Kyrie. Are dragons warm-blooded, like birds, making them even closer? I realize this might be a bit more meta than you intended, but then again I have learned to not second guess your attention to detail, lol!


  15. I wanted to ask a question and I know you have a place for spoilers but I wasn’t sure this is it. Anyway…I am rereading Governed by Whimsy, slowly and not devouring it like a rogue dragon. Just finished Marked by Stars. I certainly needed to be reminded of all that happened in that story but my question is about Followed by Thunder. Is Lufas warded amethyst necklace the one that Tamiko now wears? It just seemed to stand out to me in that moment. I’m starting to write notes in my books. Just to jog my memory. So many twisty paths in your stories. It was fun to read all the questions and sly answers (you are a master at subterfuge and misdirection).

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