ART: Argent

I’ve never been one to go into great detail over physical descriptions of my characters. Simply not my style. Other traits—personality, preferences, impulses, interaction—are more interesting to me. Yet here I am, hammering out descriptions and chasing down refs for FoxOfTwilight. May these portraits encourage your imaginations in a more definitive direction! ::twinkle::  

ART, Argent by FoxOfTwilight w

A member of one of the winter fox clans, Argent Mettlebright has been bound to the Hajime family for a very long time.  His previous mistress, having married a British gentleman, cast him in the role of family butler. A dignified indignity. Argent is sharp of tooth, wit, and tongue. ::twinkle::

• • •

Tsumiko wasn’t accustomed to staring at people; she had no wish to be rude. But the person before her was strange in wonderful ways. The articles Mr. West had passed along often extolled the beauty of the inhuman races, and they hadn’t exaggerated. High cheekbones, pointed ears, silver hair framing a lean face, and icy blue eyes with cat-slit pupils—her new butler had an otherworldly aesthetic. Formal Western attire only added to his elegance.

But he was glaring. And that worried her.

Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox (Amaranthine Saga, #1)

• • •

And hey, if you have doodles, sketches, or scenes underway, I’d love to see. (And share your art here on the blog.) Email me or drop a link in a comment! Looking for more? Use the Art: Cast Portraits tag.

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5 thoughts on “ART: Argent

  1. ***Possible spoiler alert****. I have a question that I realize is way past the Q&A, but it just came to me. Argent tells Tsumiko that “Brute force is not our way.” That had me wondering how strong Argent, or at least the Rivven are compared to the youkai in the IY universe. Inuyasha, for example, can throw opponents twice his size a few miles away. What about Argent or the 5?


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