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I want to establish this for any of you who might like an outlet for your enthusiasm while you read Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox. You can review every chapter (doin’ it fandom-style) or toss us a fly-by ::glompthrottlegush:: as necessary. I’ll “like” (probably more like love) all your reactions, but I’ll withhold comments for now. I’ll host an Author’s Q&A eventually, after more of you have had a chance to read the book.

So this is fair warning. Comments on this post’s thread may contain SPOILERS.

35 thoughts on “Squee Post

  1. I love how this story is both a familiar and brand new. I will admit to having doubts about how similar the book was to the fanfiction. But the story changes with the new characters. They act and interact differently and it was an absolute pleasure to read.

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  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ok on Chapter 28…ONE QUESTION I HAVE (on this my initial read through) what is “Dimityblest”? It’s mentioned a few times and I have no idea what it is to be honest. A school?

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    • Oh, I suppose it was subtle. You missed it in passing. From Chapter 10:

      “This paper is moth-made, and the allure is strongest the first time.” …. Sansa brought cups of tea and took the seat beside Tsumiko’s. “The clan who makes our paper also trains scribes. Dimityblest craftsmanship is good, yes?”

      The Dimityblest are a moth clan.


      • Ah! Ok. Yeah I didn’t make that connection at all! I kept thinking it was like a blessing of some kind so that’s why I was confused!


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  4. Well….Amazon is out of stock, which means my preordered book is in limbo. Erm, so I’m just gonna hang out here, because spoilers help the frustration and the wait is killing me. T_T


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  5. I really wanted a paper copy of your book but Amazon was OUT OF STOCK!! Which is awesome news for you, dear talented writer! It means it flew off the shelves! So, I did the next best thing, and got it electronically for my Nook via Barnes & Noble.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the familiar yet completely different story and world, loved the gentle romance, the humor, and the “quest” to free Argent. You weave a good tale (as always, I expected no less!) and I’m greatly looking forward to the next book in the Saga!

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  6. I plan to do a mini review here later, kind of shy though LOL But I do have a question that might be a spoiler. I don’t remember seeing it else where in the book. But what does it mean for one of the Broken? Or to be Broken maybe? Not sure how to say that. Lapis seems very interesting and I hope we get to see a story about him later on! Maybe?

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    • This is a series. I promise to revisit and recur all over the place.

      If it piqued your interest, it’s probably important. If I raise a question, I usually answer it (eventually).



  7. Okay, so I read the book in one 8 hour sitting (midnight to 8am) so my tired mind may have missed something but.. Micheal tells Argent like it’s some huge revelation that Humans and Rivven are biologically compatible like he’s surprised..? But He’s known Gingko for forever? And it’s just kind of nonchalantly like ‘Yeah, hey I’m Gingko my mom was human.’ .. I may need to go back and read just that part again but it was kind of confusing.

    Another thing I was a mite confused on is how tending is supposed to be better and more intimate than sex? Yet Micheal (Tsumiko too kinda but I’m not as weirded out when she does it I guess..) is running around tending everything with a pulse.. And then it makes a big deal out of Deece’s “first time”.. Twice? (Once on the couch, I think, and again in Argent’s garden..?) @_@ ;;

    Can anyone who wasn’t reading this like a woman possessed at obscene hours of the morning clear these two points up? I do plan on reading the book again slower.. Just wondering what other people’s thoughts were?..

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    • Well, I can field these.

      1) Michael was speaking facetiously, with the dry sarcasm of one who has (as you say) known a crosser his whole life. Even Argent would be rolling his eyes at this official revelation. Recognized or not, they’ve existed for millennia.

      2) Perspective may help here. Consider the source: the speculations of an uninitiated adolescent male relying on the gossip of peers. Suuzu is simply rehearsing what he knows, which is (ahem) precious little.

      3) And as an aside, the Amaranthine of certain clans consider one’s “first taste” a rite of passage for adults. Perhaps they’re concerned that early exposure would lead to addiction. (As with many things, this varies by clan.)

      **I will be doing an Author Q&A in a few weeks. Save up your questions!


  8. Finally gave up on Amazon sending my preorder and bought the ebook last night, and I have mixed feelings about it. One of my favourite things about your stories are the small, seemingly insignificant moments and interactions between people that build up to something _more_. I finished Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox not quite sure why Tsumiko loved Argent and why Argent proposed to Tsumiko in such a short amount of time. There was too much action/adventure, world-building, and new character introductions; the burn wasn’t slow enough for me I suppose. Also, ‘tending’ reminded me of vampiric feedings, some of the clan names sounded Harry Potter-ish, and the variety of character names got confusing (why does Argent have a French name btw?).

    That said… it was a good read and I’m looking forward to the next book in the series ^_^

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  9. Amazon delivered and I received my book yesterday!!! I’m already on chapter 10. For some very odd reason, I kept picturing Eimi’s lawyer that handled her bequest as Idris Elba. I know this takes place in Japan, and he’ll probably be a minor character (so I sadly won’t picture his lovely face often i’m sure). Yet it happened. Maybe I need to stop watching Thor so much. 😔

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  10. I usually do not buy books from fanfic writers worrying that I am paying for a book that I have already read just with name changes,BUT I am so glad I took a chance and bought Tsumiko and the enslaved fox! This book has some of the similarities of Impeccable but they are slight. Tsumiko is so good I finished it in one 6 hour sitting. Forthright is amazing and I am patiently waiting for the next book in this series!

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  11. Will you address Tsumiko’s fox dream in a future book? Since Argent didn’t have a chance to ask her about the particulars and explain it himself. And will there be a time skip between ‘Tsumiko’ and ‘Kimiko’?

    Also, I noticed a few small typos while reading. 3 if my memory serves me correctly. Have these been brought to your attention yet? If not, I’d love the excuse to re-read the book and tell you exactly where they are.

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    • Sneaky little typos. Yes! Absolutely, please do email me about any typos you spot. That way, I can fix them before the next printing. ::twinkle::

      Why not save up your other questions for the big Q&A beginning on May 4th? They’re good ones.


  12. This was the best new paranormal romance that I’ve read in a long time ( and I have read a lot in this genre!) Love the original world building and well developed characters. I also liked the slow build romance. Very interested to read the next one. When will it come out? Please soon!

    I found this book because it was recommended by a Ilona Andrews, one of my favorite authors.

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    • I’m delighted that the story captured your interest (and hopefully your heart).

      Bk2 is tentatively scheduled to release this autumn, but the date’s still TBD.


    • Me too I heard about you from ilona Andrew’s website and I have enjoyed the series and the short stories. I enjoy your writing very much


  13. I just finished the book and I am unashamedly going to have a squee session. I loved it so much. So so much. I can’t wait for the next book. Hopefully there is a next book. I will actually cry if there won’t be.

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  14. The writing team Ilona Andrews recommended your book. So, I just had to purchase it to enjoy it. Ilona and Andrew Gordon are very nice people and I’ve enjoyed everything they’ve recommended.

    That being said, I enjoyed your characters and watching their growth through the book. I can hardly wait for the next one.

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