Anime: Boruto


Naruto and I have had an on-again-off-again relationship that’s lasted … well, ages. I remember tuning in for weekly episodes back when it first aired on Cartoon Network. Seriously, we’re talking Episode One. Then after a lapse, there was that year when Netflix started their whole new streaming thing, and we binge-watched the rest of Naruto, then dove into Naruto Shippuden. But we caught up to what was available, and it fell by the wayside again.

Unless you count reading fanfic. Nice big fandom they have there. ::twinkle::

More recently, I wandered onto the Crunchyroll site (someone had recommended a new anime to me, and I was curious). It was impossible to miss the hype surrounding the airing of the final episodes of Shippuden and the upcoming kick-off of Boruto. So I did what I had to. I caught up.

I was only … oh, I dunno … 250 episodes behind?

With great singularity of focus (and some judicious skipping of filler arcs … and the occasional urge to hunt down fanfics for alt ships), I blazed through the 500th episode the same week Boruto made its debut.

So I’m back to tuning in for a weekly episode, via simulcast. Ah, nostalgia. I really do love this world and this cast. (I’m so mainstream sometimes!) For the record, I know nothing, so if you know what’s coming, don’t spoiler me! I’d rather guess and squee and fangirl at my own pace. ::thumbs up, good guy pose, ting::

6 thoughts on “Anime: Boruto

  1. Ah Naruto, I remember how excited I was when it first aired and the manga was coming out…but it quickly showed me that no matter how much I enjoy pieces of shounen I get so tired after episode 100…to date I think Yu Yu Hakusho is the only shounen I faithfully watched and read every episode/chapter of, even went out of my way to buy all the anime and manga. Boruto confuses me o.o

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    • I have always (and will always) embrace serial storytelling. It’s what I like. It’s what I do. ::twinkle::

      Oh, yes! I enjoyed YuYu Hakusho quite a bit. My IY/YYH crossover is on my shortlist of fics to finish.

      I am enjoying all the little hints and allusions Boruto is measuring out with each episode … and squeeing over each familiar face … and finding Kishimoto-san’s affection for parallel story structure as pleasing as ever.


  2. To be honest, I haven’t watched Boruto since I got so tired of Naruto. The cast was amazing and all, but: there’s so much uninspired fillers, the treatment of women (particularly Sakura, whom noticeably falls to the wayside even if she’s a main character; AND don’t get me started on her relationship with Sasuke…) and there’s so much pulls-out-of-ass plots near the end.

    Welp, I’m gonna go back to fanfics again. At least there Sakura doesn’t easily take Sasuke back after all the trouble he caused.

    P.S. any crack ship you’ve obtained from watching Naruto? Do you want some fanfic recs? I’m quite inclined to give you some general & specific crackship fanfics.

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    • I have a love-hate relationship with filler episodes. When the story is ongoing and they only serve to interrupt the main plot, I pull my hair out. “GET BACK TO THE STORY!” But (later) I truly enjoy episodes that offer more back story or deepen our understanding of a character and their motivations. Mixed blessings. ::twinkle::

      Don’t you dare get me started on another fanfic binge. I have a book to finish, remember? : P


  3. I’ve more or less been reading naruto to pass the time while I waited for my other regularly scheduled series I loved. Boruto follows that trend…

    I say, the only gripe I have is that the girls seem to be wearing high heels now for everything. Ninja and all things aside, won’t that break an ankle? Sigh! I can’t even do the regular ones made for Latin dancing!

    Anyway, side remark – congrats on finishing lord charming; it’s been wonderful years just following along the story! Waiting for your next one 🙂

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    • ::laugh:: I suppose we all have those little things that throw us out of a story. Plausibility has always been important to me (though a good author can convince me to suspend my disbelief), and I’m a stickler for consistent characterization.

      And thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed Lord Charming. I’m looking forward to sharing more stories for years to come! ::twinkle::


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