The Kissing Bandit

Tuesday’s Tote. And more, really, because patterns are currently available on totes, masks, and notecards. As previously mentioned, I’ll be adding a new fandom book cover to Goodreads & to the fanfic site every week. AND then make the pattern available in my Threadless & TeePublic shopfronts. This week we’re adding an homage to The Kissing Bandit.

Summary: An art thief with an unusual calling card is after a set of priceless statues. The Taishos take steps to protect the Four Souls, but the cat burglar is elusive. When Sango steps forward as a witness, she’s asked to help catch the Casanova crook. Alternate Universe. [Miroku x Sango]

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Can Confirm. Maybe you noticed those fleeting references in the Amaranthine Saga to the Gentleman Bandit? Yep. Totally a nod to this story.

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