The Cursed Monk

Tuesday’s Tote. I’ve been adding a new fandom book cover to Goodreads & to the fanfic site each week. (Hooray for weekly cover reveals!) As an added bonus, the new pattern becomes available in my Threadless & TeePublic shopfronts. Totes, masks, backpacks, zipper bags, journals, and note cards are available. This week we’re adding an homage to The Cursed Monk.

Summary: Kagome finds a brochure describing a cave with the statue. Thinking it might be Midoriko’s cave, she plans a trip to revisit the site. However, this cave doesn’t contain the legendary miko; instead, it’s an amorous monk. Canon Divergence. [Miroku x Kagome]

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OTP. My longest of longtime readers know that Monk x Miko is my “official” OTP (one true pairing). It’s where I started, anyhow, so they get nostalgia points. Truth be told, I have another Mir/Kag fanfic plot!biddie keeping warm in ye olde incubator. We’ll see if it ever hatches. ::twinkle::

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